Outpost Official Opening A

Today marks the day that the Outpost is now officially opened! The opening ceremony was an hour event which starts at 12 and as usual, I missed it because I was at work. Yes, I do work on Saturdays. So, by the time I arrived, the party was in full swing and a lot of costumes and characters can be seen. Anyhoo, it was nice to mingle around and also show off my MK OSX Tricorder. We also sat down and discussed about lighting the 1-Metre long Enterprise model kit, which is a SFTPMS project.

Yes, we're trying to light up this beauty

But is the AMT model, which is much smaller
So, we're using it as an example of the finished

Once its lighted up, all I can say is, Wow!

Outpost Official Opening B

But with the intricate Aztec painting, it will look very nice indeed

See how it reflects light?

Side view of the same model. Note that this is the
original colour eventhough it showed up white in
the movie, due to the lighting

Models from SFTPMS (Space 1999 Eagle

Outpost Official Opening C

Miniature models from Warhammer 40,000

A Stormtrooper hacking into the system

"What do you mean, I have to say, Na-noo na-noo?"

Bla bla bla bla bla

It was a nice afternoon but I could not stay long due to curfew. Ha ha ha ha ha


One thing I realised now, is never to give a Playstation to a person who has never played before. I experienced it before, playing Final Fantasy non-stop for six months (actually, it was more than that) with only about an hour's sleep each day

One of the staff has been playing it night and
day, affecting his productivity. So, he now is
sleeping all the time when I needed him. Heck

New Tool A

While I was collecting some cables for the company, I came across this tool. It nothing new because I have another one which cost a bit more. I was attracted to it because of the price and maybe I think I could use it to replace my blunt pair of cutter. I hope so, or it will be a waste of money. But then again, they can only cut small wires compared to the normal cutter which can cut more. These reminds me of those scissors used by the seamstress.

The two cutter/strippers side by side. The left
is from Taiwan while the right is from China

The Chinese one is very simple. Strip on one side and
cut on the other

The Taiwanese one give you everything on one side
and also different thickness of the cable

Although both ends lets you strip coaxially,
the one from Taiwan, Proskit, is much better

New Tool B

Are they both Copykats? I am not sure as I have
never seen an original yet.

Because it lets you cut at the right length due to
its double blades while with the Chinese one,
you have to do it twice. But the Chinese version
has a ring on the other end which lets you strip

Girls with Guns

I could not help it because there were two
girls playing with the toy guns while their
mother was busy manning the stall

Copykat Car

I happen to come across this toy. It resembles Tamiya's Dangun Racers series but was made in China. So, its a copykat. But then, you ask me, why did I buy it?

The Original costs more than RM55 while this one costs Rm3.50.


Finally, after much rushing here and there, I managed to sent the parcel off to nexus. I could have sent it earlier but while I was waiting for the address confirmation, we had an emergency outstation trip to Temerloh. By the time I came back, there was only enough time to rush to the Post Office and get it done before anyone noticed I was missing. Heh

Unfortunately, there was a J-Card Sale and my valid J-Card was with my Wife. So, I had to rush back home and get it and rush to the nearest JayaJusco. Fortunately, Wife was too tired to come with me. Unfortunately, the "Nerf" copykat guns were not on offer. Cheh

The stuff's all ready for packing. 2 Phaser rifles, a Graflex
holder and the Nerf copykat. Add in some sponge and tape

And I managed to get today's papers to fill up the empty

By the time I got everything packed, I forgot about the gun
Total cost to send over? RM31.50 and the tracking number
is (does it work? Ha ha ha ha) CD107425435MY