Sardine curry puffs @ Damansara Uptown

While I was working at Damansara Uptown, I spotted a couple selling deep fried food from a van. While her husband was manning the apam stove and doing the deep frying, she was selling the food. Feeling peckish, I asked for the curry puffs. She said something to me which I could not pick out as I was not sure if she was talking to her husband or to me, but I do remember the word "ubi" (malay for potato) which means curry puff with potato filling.

Which is quite common.

Since I did not say anything, I just let her pick the curry puffs for me. And then I left as I was in a hurry to see the customer. You can call this a quick lunch if you want.

After the first curry puff, which was potato, I though nothing more about it and I wolfed down another. Wow.


And spicy.



I was hooked! Now I see what she meant! She was talking to me, asking if I wanted my curry puffs to have either potato or sardine fillings. Since I did not reply, she mixed them for me. This is the sardine/onion/chili mix which is quite common in those sardine sandwiches with cucumbers. But to have them in a curry puff is amazing.

Oh, and one day, I want to try the apams as well as I have seen the husband laying the mixture onto the pan, which is quite gooey/sticky than normal.

And so, after work, on my way back, I bought 15 pieces.
Naturally, wife scolded me for buying so much but in the
end, she agreed that it tasted delicious.