Yes, by now you would have guessed that I have not grown up! I admit I still do love toys. And then I realise that I am not alone. Anyway, in Malaysia, one of the more popular shops to go hunting for unique toys would be the XL-Shop. Although they are located at:

1) S&M Arcade (Petaling Street)
2) Berjaya Times Square
3) Mid-Valley (renovating the shop vacated by Bryan Ryan)

But noting beats going to their main HQ located in Cheras. I was there today and just so happened, their latest shipment came a day earlier. So I got to see and feel all the goodies (by now, most of your toys would have my fingerprints all over) first hand.

And I got some Gashapons for myself too. Gashapons or Candy Toys are same like the ones you get when you buy those Kinder Bueno chocolates. But with these things originating from Japan, you can bet your ass that they're worth every cent. And because Gashapons are packed in random, chances are, when you buy a box, you chances of getting that toy is about 1/6 or 1/12, which is frustrating when you only have two more to complete a collection. However, XL-Shop does give you the option of buying the whole series (once they opene all the boxes and sort it out, of course). The prices in most places are quite high but here, you can usually get a good bargain. And sometimes you only need just one or two, you can buy the separately but this depends on your luck.

Uncle Loong making sure we get our E-Mail updates on toys today.

All the Toys you ever want to buy are here and there are three rows to oogle at

This is what I got: Gundam Seed's Kira Yamato and some girl from Ace Combat 3

This is what an unassembled Gashapon looks like, straight from the box

Taking things for granted

Remember a few days ago, I have given up on those monkeys at the shop and decided to go for more professional help? Yep, I went with RS Components. After a quick call, the pleasant lady manning (ha ha ha) the phone was quite helpful and promised my order would be arriving within 4 working days. Yes! That really made my day.

Until today that is, when I needed to pay for those items. Although they have conveniently faxed instructions on how to pay them, since I was nearby, I decided to pay (bwahahahah) a personal visit. When I reached the counter, I was suprised that my order has not been processed since Friday. Not only that, my company's account with them also does not exist even though the lady on the phone last week claimed it was. Just to make sure, the nice Indian gilr at the counter showed proved it to me on the monitor screen. So, I have no choice but to get them to create the account and re-order the parts again.

And this time, I am going to call them now and again just to make sure as my project has already been critically delayed to the point of no return. Seriously, if it does not come on Friday, its going to be a bust as the shop guys would not be able to do anything for me too.

Haih. And I wonder how Malaysia can still advance. I am quite sick of not having the resources to do anything.

Yes, you are correct........

And dem buns are still in there....