Nightmare revisited

After so many months, I finally came back to this customer but for a different job. Still, this was a nightmare for me before because they had so many lines. Each line is attached to an auto-dialer which traps a mobile phone call, trunk or International call and re-route them to their own VOIP lines thus saving the customer in terms of phone bills.

But when something goes wrong, it is a nightmare for us. We would have to trace almost each of these boxes one by one because the installer usually did his best in making a crap job. Loose crimping of the wires are usually the cause. But also, we'd have to test all these lines for other problems, (to see if the auto-dialers are OK or not) as they're connected to our PBX.

One box represents one line. To test all, it would have taken
me a long time

Even the cables to these boxes are bunched up quite thick