Kristine and the Durian

We were sitting down for dinner and my Dad reminded me that there was still a pack of durians left. He had bought a pack each for everyone. Since the remaining one was my Wife's, I can still stake a claim! Anyhow, it made my dinner much more enjoyable as I love to mix it with white rice. Still, there is something about the weather this weekend. Although I took some durians, (about three) I did not feel heaty compared to last season. Weird

Anyway, while we're eating, Kristine came up to the table and after some "polite" requests, she got her own durian as well. And within minutes, all that was left was the seed (and no mess). Initially, when she was a year old, I tried feeding her some durian but she did not like it. Now, she takes it when she feels like it.

The durian looked humongous in her hands!

Another victim of neglect

Today, it was my wife's turn. She needed to service her car as the engine oil symbol kept lighting up on the dashboard. Since they're open on Sundays, I decided to bring her car there. Apart from the normal service of changing the engine oil, they had to change the spark plugs, the petrol filter and also the carburetor after they did some preliminary checks around the car. It seemed that the spark plugs were in bad condition and the same goes for the petrol filter which was badly clogged. The brake discs on the outside was fine but the inner side needs to be skimmed. Just looking at the brake pads, we know the surface on the inner side of the disc is in bad condition. This explains the "metal to metal screeching" sounds we heard. If my wife listened to the original mechanic near our house instead, within a few more months, theings would have gone from bad to worse. Yeah, I know, I should have checked them myself but work is really killing me and so many more projects needed to be done for friends.

But since today is the eve of the start of the Hungry Ghost festival, they needed to close early. And this time, there were no Milos for me.

The spark plugs were in a very bad condition and as soon as I
saw them, I immediately asked them to change it.