I got this from the website called iCircuit Technologies. This, I believe, comes from somewhere in Puchong, which, incidentally, is very close to my office but they do not believe in self-collect. I don't know where I got the info but it could be from their Facebook (no more aledi, la). Anyway, the reason I got this was because I was trying out the PIC12F629 and sometimes, using the prototype board is really demotivating when I want to try out a circuit fast. I do not want to spend what precious time I have, trouble shooting if the circuit or the programming was faulty.

So, the answer comes in this little board which you can plug in straight to your little prototype board.
With features such as 300mA I/O, a voltage regulator plus ICSP connections, it is really difficult for me to say no...

Or maybe their address was from here? Too late. its binned.

I bought two sets and each set comes with the board plus three connectors for you to solder. iCircuit also gives yo the choice of PIC chip when you order; PIC12F615, PIC12F629, PIC12F675, PIC12F683 and PIC12F1840 and the price difference is not much either.

Yes, I could design the board myself and all, but what am I going to do with the rest of the few hundred extra boards? Remember, there is a MOQ when I design  PCBs of these qualities. I mean, you cannot ask a bread manufacturer for just one loaf...
[Update: 02052012]
Since they're so 'tiny' I actually misplaced them. But don't fret, once I get them back, I am going to try with ICSP. Heh Heh.