Use Yur blain!

So, this driver of a very long trailer thought that he could just
do a quick U-Turn. Instead, his wheels got stuck at the gravel
and we all wasted more time sharing the remaining 5 feet of
space the road

The road to Kepong B

Just after that fun detour, you can see that this part of the
road is also nearing completion. In fact, the road has been
tarred. But there is another problem.......

I guess this is the problem as they had to repair some drainage
or piping of some kind. Everytime they dug the hole, it rained

This is the other side of the road, where you can see them
putting up thr structure for the road signs to tell you
which lane to stick to in case you decided not to

The road to Kepong A

Ever since I had to use this road, it was always jammed up. From Sungei Buloh to my office in Kepong. It was always jammed up. Yeah. The roadworks has been going on since last year (or was that the year before) and you can literally see the road progress metre by metre.

This should be the last steps before the road is open, I guess.
They are building the cement dividers for the overhead bridge
Everyone (involved) is rushing to complete it

The jam is still there, caused by the other end of the overhead
bridge as there is a zig zag detour

Which can be bad when things are bad and could be
worse when things are better. Just slightly in front
is where the dividers stopped and most of the cars
used that to make their own U-turn until post of
that road caved in. So, another jam is there because
of the "Oh-oh, I can't come out of the U-turn" situation

Mawi at the Toll

Ha ha ha! Not really. But he looked like him
Anyhoo..... I am not that happy they are doing this, selling
Touch n Go at the Cash lane. The
car in front was interested,
so, it created a 10
car backlog and we all wasted 7 minutes.