Hasegawa 1/72 U/S Pilot/Ground Crew Set

I got this from Hobby HQ for some unknown reasons which I could not even recall. I think the reason i got this was because I wanted the Pilots for some project which I have since forgotten. 

OK, by the second paragraph, my memory came back. It was to gut the 1/72 B-377 Stratocruiser and transform it into a submarine for a future project. No harm in buying these stuff in the now instead of later. (Yes, this is how Model Kit Hobbyists stash grows)

As shown on the cover, whatever stuff you see there, except the plane and the background 'floor' is in the box

It came in two bags, one for the Van and ladder ans stuff...

While the other bag contains all the figures and helmet
And so there you have it, a box of figures from Hasegawa, The details at this scale is quite good from this legendary manufacturer and not only that, this is the first time I have bought a Hasegawa kit since my firsts and last one as a kid in the 80's. If I remember correctly, it was some Israeli KFIR or something, which, I brushed some clear laquer over its decals and the brownish plane came out even more brownish....

[Update July 2012]
Not I need it to enter the 1/48 Academy F-117 Nighthawk for the SFTPMS 2012 Cold War Group Build and I could not find it. Its either here or in KK. So, I had to buy the other Hasegawa set which is the 1/48 US Pilot/Ground Crew set B. I was panicking for a while because they were gone from the shelves but after I calmed down, I spotted it. This one does not have any Vans or other extras but comes with two sets of 18 figures. Then, I also realised, I wanted 1/48 and not the 1/72. So now, I have both.