The JJ Tricorder Project 5

Its finally done. After weeks or working at it, or shall I say, a few weekends, the Tricorder is complete. All in all, what took the most time was not the electronic design itself, as I have done them within a few days, but the actual grinding and drilling of the toy. Not to mention, soldering more than 20 or so wires.

And I can tell you, since I am getting older, I realised my eyesight was not as good as I though it would be, and soldering in the middle of the night, without a good light, is really asking for trouble. Which and after all screws are in place, it came in spades. Luckily, if I did not reveal this to you, you would have thought everything was perfect. Ha ha ha ha haaa.........

And just to make you go over to my Website, I have added more photos and notes here:

OK, so the Blue LEDs are not flashing correctly
but when you look at it, there is no difference!

You want me to go what?

I know you guys are renovating and all
but its just to difficult to go in there. Oh,
you don't mind if my shoes break open
the bags and spill the shredded stuff?
OH, OK, then. I in go.........

[I was so tempted to just dive in too]