I am sure by now, you would have heard the news about boycotting US products. Would you do it? Would you? Yeah. Exactly.

Its not easy as you think. Imagine you want to start boycotting on the spot. Now.

1. You cannot wear jeans
The inventor of jeans was Levi Strauss during the California Gold rush.

2. You cannot use a computer
It does not matter if the computer is not HP nor Dell nor Apple. The OS alone is already made in America. And lets not talk about the main processor chip, which is either Intel, AMD or Motorola. And so, your act of boycotting might last a lot longet since you cannot log onto the Internet for news. And since a lot of things uses coputers or microprocessors, you're already beaten.

3. You cannot use a Mobile phone or even a phone
It does not matter if you have a RAZR or an iPhone. The Mobile Phone technology was invented in America. And I don't even have to remind you about Alexander Graham Bell.

4. You can't eat burgers or any other fast Food
Yep. Even if you sneak off to MarryBrown, its a no-no.

5. You cannot drink Coke nor use it to clean toilets
Coke was invented in US and so is the technology for softdrinks and therefore, you just have to drink rain water.

6. You will make your spouse/children/relative/friend unemployed.
Let's face it. There are a lot of MNCs and factories here, OK? I don't have to go on.

7. You cannot drive. You cannot work. You cannot even stay at home.
All the things you do, and the tools you need, will undoubtedly have American technologies in them. For example, even if you stay at home to to get out of this boycott trap, you'd find yourself in a corner very soon.

And so, you really cannot boycott American products. And the mere idea itself is nothing more than a symbolic act of pure adject stupidity. But if you really want to boycott, there are a lot more reasons (and easier) to boycott Malaysian products and politicians.