Broken pepper mill

OK, so I like pepper. Ever since I came back from Sarawak in 2005, and after buying those black peppers, I was hooked. Usually, I gi for Ajinomoto's Pepper but then, although they were nice, but after tasting these Sarawak peppers, I preferred them. Everyone thought I was nuts because I used them on almost everything for the first few weeks.

Rice, fruits, meat, salad, fires, etc.

But there is one problem with these peppers. The mill that came with them always break. I think its because the cheap plastic gears that came with it was too brittle/weak to crush the pepper. In the end, what I had left was Rm27.00 poorer because I had to buy a really good pepper mill for the pepper. Because it is not a good example to use the hammer in front of Kristine............

Once the pepper ran out, I got out
a new one and it came with its own
pepper mill. But one twist on the
handle, I was eating plastic

Everything was string except for the black
plastic parts

After transferring the pepper to the RM27.00
mill, I was left with the empty broken pieces

And after staring at them for a few minutes, an idea
came into my mind....................

Now, all I need to do is to find someone with a Dremel and raid some electronics parts. More later........