Saturday Afternoon

From now on, every Saturday, Kristine has swimming lessons. And so, we have to clear our schedules for that hour. And after that, it would be a nice little family dinner and perhaps, some weekend shopping. Oh, we also just noticed that everytime it was almost time for her lesson, it rains. And if it rains too heavily, the class would be canceled and we lose money.

But there is one thing which I need to solve as well. For you see, Kaelynn is too 'young' for swimming lessons. (I should have ignored everyone and started the girls when they were months old). So, in the next two weeks, we are going to get her a swimming costume and we'll get into the baby pool together.

Uh-oh. I think she is starting to have the
same fashion style as her sister.

Unfortunately, this time, she was too tired.
Before this trip, we were at tziplee's to buy
some stationery and as usual, the girls get
free stuff from the counter too. Wow. But
sometimes, we're embarassed to bring
them there due to the free stuff.

Kristine after the lesson, and claiming
she was very cold. Ha.

The dinner. Nothing much but yes, I
ended up being DBKL again. There
goes my weight. Sigh.

This was the last dish and since we waited so
long, I was sent to see what happened and
ended up getting it back to the table myself.

While I was away, the bee was so happy that
it drowned itself and saved me from getting
sugar high. RIP, bee. Or was is a fly?