In other words, "Nothing Better To Do."

Or crudely put, "Sek Pau Fan Mou Yeah Jou" (Nothing else to do after finishing a meal).

But this is not the actual meaning. It means, as a reprimand, go and do something else or find something better to do.

The closest meaning, I think, would be, "Idle Minds are the Devil's tools".

And so, this is what happens when the girls are bored. But luckily, tonight, Kaelynn managed to amuse herself in a constructive(?) way. I was making sure Kristine was doing her homework while Mommy was busy with her chores. And so, this means neither of us could watch Kaelynn. And so, with nothing to keep her occupied, she decided to do her own thing.

These are some of Kaelynn's toys and belongings

She wanted Kristine to play
with her but she's busy.

And so, she decided to arrange all her things.
This is the first time I've seen her arrange in
such way.

There! All done!

Things to see when you're peeing

Most of the time, after you have aligned your
missile, there is pratically nothing else to do
apart from making sure its aiming properly.
So, here is something for you to think about.
See this fancy wancy button on the wall? You
push it to wash away all the crap that came
out from your thingy.

Sometimes, there are models which have lights to
tell you when you should have finished doing your
business instead of loitering about and making the
queues behind you longer. Due to budget cuts, this
is the premium DIY model. You just push the button

And behind it all, is just a simple water tap/button
thingy. Serves you right for hiring accountants. Ha.

Weird Dream

Why oh why.

I am new here and already, when I was getting myself ready, everything is in shambles. Even my Wife could not do much. While waiting for the bus to come, I had to go back into the house for some stuff. And we nearly missed the bus.

Anyway, once we arrived, my Wife went to her place while I went to mine. But because I could not produce my proof as a new teacher, I had to become a student in the class. Later on, when I found my card, I was already late for my class.

And the only thing I could say to my new class was, "All the years, I was chasing girls, and now, everyone's in the room facing me."

Weird and corny.


Then again, this is four in the morning.