Sometimes, it is very hard to resist in replying public notices. Even for me, I had to control myself in correcting spellings, grammar, etc. But this one here is a gem

The sign says, "Warning! Easily broken"
But some cannot resist in replying
[top] Glass is easily broken, idiot....!
[bottom] Its not even broken !!!

Evening walk

Usually, in this area, it is not unusual to see children walking with their parents in the evening. But that during the weekends. So, with me taking Tuesday off, and after doing my EPF and stuff, we decided to take a walk too.

Kristine was vey enthusiastic about walking

We had to make sure she does not run out to the
road. Wife did not allow me a get a dog leash.......

Oh-oh, Kristine wants to shi-shi

Too late! So we took her for a shower

Evening Walk

And she also wanted to test her toothbrush

Endgame Tricorder A

The Endgame Tricorder was only used for one episode, which is the final episode of the Star Trek Voyager series, titled, "Endgame". In the show, it has brighter lights and faster blinking rate which shows that is has a more powerful processor (or something). When I noticed an eBay auction which not offers the original prop kit but the seller also includes the electronics, it was too good to let go. And so, with much luck, nexus managed to get it for me. We did not think that we would win because others might have seen it and got to it first but in the end, we won.

And after we spent a long time worrying. Well, I was not worried until nexus told me about the risks when dealing with unknown sellers. Then I started to worry because I have paid a lot for it. But finally, it came.

Then it got stuck at the Kastam and again, I had to pay a lot of the tax because it was classified as an electronic and a toy. Damn

Here are some first impression. Have to be quick because I limited Internet time this week

The Tricorder out of the box. Everything was there
except for the instructions

The electronics

The certificate

And the sticker

Endgame Tricorder B

The nicely cast body

each with a hologram sticker

And oh, so wonderful detail

Endgame tricorder C

And the Kit number, Ha ha ha hah a

All the components used are SMT

And a lot of chips

Problem with the lower flap as the electronics board
as they are meant for another version of the prop
. I
suspect I know who has done the board but lets
just not talk about it

Endgame Tricorder D

Problem with the primary body, maybe
Because I do not have the instructions

The body again, just look at the details

Woo hoo!

OK, I have a hunch that the Tricorder was maybe redesigned a bit further and hence the electronics does not fit into it anymore. But this does inspire me to make my own electronics, as soon as I finish the Phaser Rifle.

The Accident A

On my way after clearing the Kastams for the Tricorder, I decided to fill up at Petronas since it was the only petrol station around. When I was there, there was these group of Singaporeans who drove Lamboghinis, Porsches, V6 Mercedes and some Lotus cars. Funnily enough, they were quite inconspicuous and kept to themselves. Anyway, I finished first and went on my way. Seconds later, these cars came by and were quite a sight to see. And it caused quite a few emergency brakes for other drivers which affected me as well, unfortunately.

There you go, a Lotus something

Then some Lamborghini car

And this yellow one which is quite ok

Another black one

The accident B

This is the cause of the accidents. The underside of
Richard's Phaser Rifle cracked. And looking at the
part, it is one of the weakest as the resin did not
reach this area thick enough

And already you can see some holes

There are other holes which nexus is trying to
patch up, no thanks to me, he has to do it