Black Nokia 5800


OK, I did not get the new black version of the Nokia 5800 (Star Trek Edition) but rather, I have changed to the spare phone cover. I bought this about quite some time ago and now, its time to change. The first cover, which was blue, served me well for more than three months, that is until the last plastic tab holding the covers broke. So, now, I have to use the remaining black cover. These covers made the Nokia 5800 look more beefy and in some sense, made it well, look more complete.

The funny thing was, although the plastic looks flexible and tough, its prone to sudden shocks. In other words, if you drop it or knock it, it will shear off. But if you bend it, it will bend and give you funny lines before weakening.

Anyway, I have ordered a new one, which is more like a plastic wrap around (but not those sticky, fluff magnet silicon types). And after months of using it, I have been to a few shops selling cases and phones, I have yet to see them selling this type of casing for the Nokia 5800. The closest was teh transparent type, which, I think, was the silicon condom type. When I showed them my sample,they remarked with oohs and aahs, I know that they have not gotten it in.

Another reason why it (the plastic tabs)cracked was
from me opening it and closing it to get at the battery
when the Nokia hangs, which is very often everyday.
Here, you can also see the cracks at the openings too.

This, once again, I shall mention it, is what
I think is the first version as there were no
openings for the camera shutter button, the
two speakers, the mic and also the media
button, as I have to drill them out myself.

Kaelynn and the Nokia 5800


So, OK, she knows how to work the camera now. And she is really getting the hang of it. It just that, in the excitement that she always forget to remove her fingers from the lens. Coupled with the fact that I used those plastic phone covers, pressing the shutter button is hard for her (and me) and so, she had to hold it with both hands in the way a kid would. Anyway, here are some of the un-censored photos she has taken for the past few days.

Almost every night (or time) she would come to me and asks me for the Nokia. And so, just like me, we're taking a lot more photos. If she still like to take photos year from now, I might consider getting her an actual camera of her own, something which is unbreakable, of course. Maybe one of those waterproof and shake-proof Olympus ones?

See how happy she is? Also note how she covers
the camera lens with her fingers which I have
told her many times not to.

And this is what you'll get with the fingers

But sometimes, it looks quite nice too

She has yet to grasp the concept of keeping still
and moving targets when taking photos under dim lights.

Double shot. A Daddy and Kiddie face-off

Grandma's legs in the garden

Grandpa's legs in the garage

I think she's going to be very creative

And I have absolutely no idea how
she achieved this shot. Brilliant!

Washing hair


For the past few months, Kaelynn has been quite "upset" when it comes to washing her hair during bath time. There was nothing wrong with the water nor the shampoo, which guaranteed "No more tears". Its just that the moments she realised that there is soap on her head, she would start crying for someone to wash it off asap. Sometimes I had to trick her to stop this stunt are:

1) Pretend
-to pour water on her hear and "mess" it up since her hair takes ages to get wet. And quickly apply the shampoo in the process. It works until she realises there is shampoo in her hair and is coming down her face.

2) Self-application
Get her to apply the shampoo herself and wash it, saying this is part of growing up. It works until she realise there's shampoo coming down her face.

3) DIY
Get Kristine to help wash her hair. Which is a good idea until she realised that there is shampoo coming down her face too.

4) Scolding
-her at the moment is the best solution but I do not want to do this often as I was afraid this might agravate her phobia from irritating shampooing to full blown bathing fear.

5) The shampoo is your friend
Make her realise the shampoo is harmless in the meantime would be the best solution and I am hoping that she would grown out of this. Kristine never did have this problem before.

Here we go, seconds before she cries......

Shogun @ 1-Utama

You want to hear something weird? I took leave to have lunch at a Japanese Buffet that was offering 50% discount and today was the last day. But to be honest, it was worth it.

We have been to Shogun in Sunway before and as far as buffet goes, I am impressed. During my first time there, I literally hung around the sushi area. But this time, I have gotten a bit wiser. In a buffet, the main aim is to try bits of this and that, and not settle on your favourite food and stuff yourself. So, we ate and ate and ate until they close at three in the afternoon, which by then, I was saddled with calls from my technician. Come to think of it, I did not eat much as we're both busy making sure the girls are eating right and also, making sure my customers and my techs know I am still alive.........

My first try. Lots of potato dishes and stuff with cheese

Whereas Mom went for veggies and other healthy stuff

Second try, seafood, lots of fish and some sushi

Sometimes I wonder why its so small.....

Finally, I got some snails for ourselves

Which was fine until my Wife showed me how to remove
the snail by pulling it out, scraping off its liver/intestines

And you know what? After that, I made a call to the Office to confirm that my customer was not pulling my leg, that tomorrow (Saturday) is a Public Holiday. Wahoo!