Fun with minimal props

Maybe its just me but when it comes to Wallpapers, somehow its very hard to have the ones you like. Initially, it would start with those fancy sports cars or hi-tech spaceships but after a while, it tends to get boring. And distracting. Then, after Marriage, its photos of the Wife here and there. And with the kids coming, its the photos of them. Yes, it tends to get boring after a while and as a conversation ice-breaker, it can go either way too.

But now, once in a while, I would get bored and do my own Wallpapers, both for the Notebook and the Nokia 5800. And it was just today, that I saw one of those drafting pen, I decided to play with them a bit. I love drafting pens and I did have one or two when I was a kid since my Dad uses them a lot.

Ok, so this pen leaks and I just found out that
my 0.7 Mitsubishi ballpoint pen's tip is finer
than this o.3. On a normal shot, its boring.....

Ah, but once you switch the camera to negative
mode, it opens up a whole new World. BTW, this
is a circuit of my Enterprise Navigation and
Strobe lights. So, the Mitsubishi Pen is quite
good as the circuit is about less than 2 inches.