Salamate Hairy Rayer

So, today is Hari Raya. Big Deal. This is the time for us to take a real break and send the two girls to visit their Granny and also their cousins.

This was the very same pony Kristine rode early this year
One look at how her cousin did it, she got on without any
hesitation. I pity the pony. Really

After half an hour of pony-ing, this is the result

Next, is the bicycle riding lesson. Unfortunately, Kristine
is still not qualified as.........

She tried to take over the teacher

After another round of pony-ing, it was time for
Kristine to take her bath as she was really
sweating. Phew! What a workout!

And here she is, with another workout; the swivelling chair

And finally, after we managed to get her
dressed, it was time for........

Another lesson! How to recognise animals and things and stuff
Kristine was quick to pick up since she had two teachers

Another round of pony-ing, I think this time, her battery
is running low. Ha ha ha ha ha

And sister Kaelynn is enjoying all the activities going on
around her as well. Here, she is practicing her Kung-Fu

And you'd think that after all the activities, Kristine and
Kaelynn would be tired.

Wrong. When they both reached home, they started a crying
competition which lasted for more than half an hour. Ouch

Close your eyes!

Everytime, after I had washed Kristine's hair, I had to rinse the shampoo off. If it was my Wife or Mom, they would hold her face up so that the water would not go into her face. But for me, because she is moving/shouting/jumping/laughing about, I just poured the wated on top of her, just after telling her to close her eyes (which she briefly did) and also shielded her eyes at the same time.

But now, she decided to try it on her own

Which of course, the result was much worse. But
which is good as this means she is slowly learning
to do things on her own

Picking up Bad habits

Oh-oh, Kristine has picked up one of my bad habits. I swear, I tried not to do it in front of her.

Her effort was a 2mm whitish/grey booger which she flicked
with her finger, to some place in the bathroom.
Now, we have to watch where we sit, stand, lean, etc.

The Playmates Tricorder IV

So, today I took apart the Playmates Tricorder. And despite having 24hours in a day, I only managed to spend 21 minutes on this thing. Yeah. Go figure.

I will need to remove the battery compartment, cut away (OK, I do not have a Dremel) unescessary plastics as stated in the manual.

This is the easy part; removing all the electronics.
You cannot throw them all away as you will need them for the sound.

Kaelynn's Bath

After looking at Kaelynn real close, I think she is going to grow up bigger than Kristine. Really