The Speedy Destroyer

All it took was just a few minute of unattended vigilance
and the ironing board is now rendered useless by Kaelynn

LED tester from Hong Kong

Just after I came back from that workshop, the postman came and went. And right on my desk, was the small parcel. Its the LED tester I ordered from eBay 18 days ago. This is a great tool for testing LEDs as there are no wires or probes compared to using a Multimeter. Just a box for you plug in the LED. I could have done one myself but the cost and time plus research is just not worth the effort. Ego aside, there are a lot of things already done, all I have to do is to use them for my projects and not re-invent the wheel.

I am not sure how much it costs in Pasar road (Or if they want to sell it to you) but I have seen most of the shops using it since 2004.

This is the package on my desk. Right in front of my
Boss who was browsing my accident photos while I
wasaway to deal with that Lady.

For RM23 or so, I get a free battery too, which is
great because I can start using it right away

All you have to do is to plug the LED into the connector (at
the correct amperage slot, of course) and just press the
button to test.

Warhammer 40K Scout Biker

OK, I just had to get one. Scouting around in Malaysia, it was either too expensive or there is no stock. And I am not going to wait for them to order it, bla... bla... bla... (OK, so I was put off by the stocks in Mid-Valley as it was so..... sparse and the one in Amcorp Mall is gone. Just when I want to step foot into it......)

which is a real pain where There is a reason I like these models once in a while because when I was in UK, it was available in a very cheap price. However, at that time, the models were only available in white metalglueing is concerned. Years later, they came out with plastic parts which you can fit onto the metal figure. But alas, sticking them together is a nightmare. And the plastic parts are not cheap too. Later on, they came out with plastic figures, called the Space Marines and it was quit nice. The plastic sprues contains all the separate parts for you to make your own Marine in any pose you wished.

But now, more than a decade later, I discovered them again and this time, the choice is more. they now have tanks, bikes, better "articulated" figures, etc. And so, being itchy, I decided to get the bike. As far as I know, the bikes were used by the Marines (in their Power Armour) for making fast attacks. But the version I got was the Scout marine Bike. As to what is its true nature, I am not sure. Maybe as a passive scout or something.

Its a nice model but I have to stop here because of the price. It is not cheap when you unavoidably compare it woth other 1/35 scale kits such as tanks or those Tamiya WWII motorcycles.

By now, I think the Postman is trying
to tell me that he is not too happy about
delivering my stuff from eBay anymore.

Quickly, I got into the car, away from the Office and opened it.
And opened it, I did. Boy, this is some big box. Maybe the seller
gave me some extra sprues........And then, I saw another but
smaller box inside....

This is what the box contains: A water decal sheet, intruction leaflet,
one 25x75mm base, and two plastic sprues. The 50 sen coin is for scale.

Amazingly, for RM32, (yeas, these models are not cheap and not readily
or easily available.) its a bit steep compared to other plastic models such
as Tamiya and other brands. Due to the body's proportion, you cannot
even accurately scale it. If you do the head, it could be 1/35. If you do
the body, it could be 1/43 or so. So, everyone just call it 28mm figs. But
here, on the two sprues, there's a lot of detail and also, various optional
parts for you to customise both the bike and the figure.

And of course, in case you lsoe your head, you might
even get a bang out of it.........

OK, its two in the morning, I am tired, I should be sleep in at 12 but
at the last minute, the camera's battery needs recharging. So I just
use the temporary UHU glue to put some poart together. There are
seven parts to make up this basic model.

And then I had a thought.Why not put some LEDs for the headlights
and also the bike's screen? The headlight should be easy as I can just
hollow out the cylinder. But for the screen, I would need another LED
in there. This means I would have to use this part as master, hollow it
out carefully and then recast it in something clear. Oh dear, waste $$$