Trip to Kota Bahru

So, here I am again, going up to Kota Bahru on a last minute installation job. This time, the client is really really moving into the place. Unlike the last time where we wasted time and money just to drill some holes and mount the system to the wall. This is one part which I hate, not only because of the long driving time, (I started at 1PM, arrived at nearly midnight) but the job there. In this case, the client expects the system to be up and running by 5th of May and this means we only have one day to achive this. So, one day has gone to the driving and the next day, its work, work, work. I have a very bad feeling about this........

If you're around Jalan Che Su, there is a small Chinese
restaurant near the corner where this old Uncle does
a very nice fried rice. And he is still open at mid-night

I hate these stinky bugs. If you step on them, the
will die and emit these foul smell. And every night
here, they're literally everywhere. On my last trip,
there were so many flying around, its like a fog
So, halfway through the rice.......... aw, fuck it!