PIzza Milano

[12032010 2142]

And so, after the haircut, I called my Wife regarding dinner. Since it was almost 9 when I finished my business, it was too late to drive back home and get them all here since most shops close at 10. After 30 minutes, Wife and kids were here while my Dad and brother escaped elsewhere with Mom at home. She was dehydrated and could not take in any solids for a while. Yeah, this is what happens when the season is hot.

We saw this the week before, and they were located
just exactly behind Pizza Hut. This was formerly
another restaurant which I forgot the name, where a
guy was killed in a robbery. Either it was closing time
or he was opening the restaurant.

The Atmosphere
Well, this is a new place and they have practically renovated it to resemble a cheap fast food restaurant serving moderate Italian meals. And if you hate green, do not go in there. Although there were two floors, we advised not to go up since it was not ready. And just like a new restaurant, the staff there were all smiles and eager to please. But however, I felt it was weird. For example, apart from Japanese shops, no one would shout 'Welcome' or "Goodbye, Come again" when you enter or leave the place. And the smiling gets to me after a while too. When we're finished, out waitress would come and asks if everything is OK, which my Wife commented, 'Its a bit too salty'. Maybe because I have not encountered such conversations, the waitress replied, smilingly, that they 'Will put less salt then next time we come'. Well, I was stumped. I mean, how would she know we would be coming back? What if we did come back and it was not on her shift? Or, if we ate at another place where she also serves, would she remember not to put too much salt? This is so wierd.

Anyway, since it was still new, some of the items on the menu were not ready, so do ask beforehand so that you will not be too disappointed.

Ah, now, about the food. They came very fast.
And I am wishing I have a microwave detector.
Still, the Chicken Lasagne is great. Wife said it
was too soft and salty. Me? Its food, what.......

OK, so both girls do not like Lasagne.
Come to think of it, they don't even like Garfield

But they love the Banana Split

Since we're on the subject of menus, please do take heed that you need to remember what you have ordered as the food that arrive on your table does not resemble much as what was shown in the menu.

For example, my delicious blob of cream and meat.
Looked like chicken meat floss on top of a creamy

Until you remember what you ordered.

The pizza look quite accurate except for some few slices
of salami.

And so, you go look up the menu again. Sigh.......

We ordered the seafood Aglio Olio, which we told them
no spices and they actually did that. And it tasted OK.
Since I was still feeling a bit hungrier than usual, I
ordered the Creamy Seafood Olio which I shared
with Wife. Once they put in the spices, wow.

And yes, this spicy Olio rocks!

Overall, for two soft drinks, one Large pizza, one Lasagne and two Olios, the bill came up to less tan RM60.00. So, its a good dinner and a very special one too. Still, would I go back there again? I heard they have a branch in 1-Utama or someting. Well, one day.....

But stop with all the smiling already. This is not a mental asylum for would-be Italian chefs.

RM34.99 or RM24.95?

[12032010 2058]

After my RM15.00 haircut (no more RM5.00 or Rm3.75 now, since the hairdesser is starting to recognise me, knowing when my last haircut was........), I decided to pop by Toys r Us to get something for Kaelynn.

This is because tomorrow is Saturday and this is the time where she will be in the baby pool in the evening. I promised her that if she does put her whole face into the water, I will get her one of those water squirts. She saw this last week when on e of the children had one. These are, effectively, a air pump where you pull one end to suck in water and push it to force the water out. Its safe because the whole pump is wrapped in soft sponge. So there is no fear of 'accidents' in the pool.

And just as I predicted, she did dunk her head and for the rest of the evening, we practised shooting at Kristine to make her swim faster. So, for the rest of the time, although the same kids were there with their water pumps, they sat and watched us play because *ahem* we were shooting with much accuracy and more than 30 feet.......

Although I was tempted, but at about RM10.00 per
this is very expensive. Yeah, I never did have
a Batmissile and missed them at every chance.


Rm24.95 for a big 'un or the little quirt?
Big one means more water but too big for Kaelynn's
hands. Small one has little oomph but just right for
her hands. Of course, bigger firepower rules, OK!

Oh no! Its Friday!

[12032010 1835]

Oh no! Its Friday! People hate Mondays but I hate Fridays. In other jobs, I love Fridays but not this one. For one, I just asked and there is no 'casual Fridays' which means I cannot come in to the Office with shorts, Ah Pek singlets and a pair of Crocs. Heh.

But actually, why I hate Friday is because this is the last working day of the week for the Selangor (and maybe, slowly, KL too) state. And hence, everyone would on the road exactly after 530 in the evening. Buy time time I rushed out and into the Federal Highway, its a race to get back home. Every second lost means a few minutes added to the jam. And its the first time I am starting to see, traffic jams in Bangsar too......

Rain and Federal Highway (or even KL roads)
just do not mix

Kaelynn's First Nosebleed

[11.03.2010 19:32]

When I came back home, the girls were as their normal self. But it was not until much later, I noticed Kaelynn's nose was a bit too red. She had her first nosebleed, of course. But when I asked her, if she dig her nose or something, she claimed that Kristine hit her head and nose with a book. But Kristine denied it. This set me in panic mode because I kept cleaning her nose with wet tissue paper and the blood still came out.

This is Kaelynn moments before she sneezed.........

Yes, I know its booger mixed with semi-clot
blood. But I really panicked when I saw this.
Funnily enough, the only action I could do
was to take her picture by reflex. Shame la.

After cleaning her up, she sneezed again but this time,
the booger came out of her other nostril, which has no
blood. So, there is no serious injury. Then I realised,
we're still in the middle of a heatwave...... That is why
she had nosebleed. Same as me years before.

By the time I realised everything has gone back to normal with just a normal nosebleed, Wife came back and she took over. Phew.

OVI Maps Racing

[08032010 2208]

I've been looking for a proper Nokia 5800 software to capture the pictures on the screen (i.e. screenshots) for quite sometime. And when it came to downloading, I always forget about it until when I am too sleepy to move a muscle. This is because for a touchscreen phone, the buttons are limited and in most applications, they are either used up or, not to be used in case you want to get back to the main screen for instance. Anyway, getting the Screensnap from the OVI store was a good idea. Anyway, let's put this to some use:

This software allows you to customise the shutter
button on the Nokia 5800. For my case, I used the
screen lock slider switch instead of the camera's
as this function was not available to me.

And with the OVI Maps being free, the next best thing was OVI Maps Racing which allows you to race your little car in your location, wherever you are. Nice? No? Ok, lets go through this.

This is a game where you can choose from a 15 pre-set tracks or use the OVI GPS to get a fix on your location and hence a map for you to customise your own tracks. Then you can race down on it.

Just like the title says.

Here, this is where you can choose to go online or
select the tracks already in the game.

And so, I chose the ONLINE version and fired up
the OVI Maps. As soon as it gets a GPS lock, I am
ready. The last time, I did not do this but switched
on the WIFI instead (well, it did say 'ONLINE' ma)

Yep, I got the nice GPS satellites relaying info
to my Nokia 5800 now.

And then back to the game.......... aw shucks. Fail.
And I am so not driving all the way to KLCC for
it to generate the map either. Or even Genting.

So, now I went to the 'OFFLINE' mode and choose
my little car instead. Yeah, the yellow one is more
manageable as I crash a lot with the other two.

In the pre-selected tracks, you can test race your
car and after the first lap, you will be racing with
yourself, i.e., your 'ghost' car from the previous
lap. At first, I thought I picked up another racer
via Wifi........ then I noticed the stupid crashes and
silly mistakes of the ghost car, which was , well, me.

And so, after awhile, I got bored and created my own
track. Bear in mind, the pre-loaded tracks are limited
and I suspect, so is the location map if I successfully go
get a map for my location. Anyway, the route making
stage is fairly simple. You just tap on the arrow at each
junction to signify the route while the top left would
show you the rough track you're making.

After that, its time for a 'Test Drive' and unlike
Perodua's Alza, you do not need to pay RM100

OK, so now, I decided to make a Paris track since
the one above was boring. Too bad I could not make
the track pass through Arc De Triomphe. You could
not even do this in real life.

And so, on to the 'Test Track'. As usual, I crashed,
went 'off-road', crashed, and well, crashed again.
And I hate the narrow streets which allows only
one car per side, which makes me crash a lot.
Plus, the turn warning was too fast or short
which made me go to the wrong street if
there was a fork in the road.

But hee hee, I passed Arc De Triomphe!

And so, its a nice game and the controls are either touch-screen, which I was afraid of cracking since in some corners, you tend to get too excited and might press harder than usual. Still, its a nice game for when you need to pass the time. But there were other features such as sharing with your friends which, on the Internet, said, you need to send the track file via email and not just share on-line or something. Plus, because of the map or your location, the radius is probably less than a mile.