The Goreng Pisang stall

I know, I know, its supposed to be Pisang Goreng and not Goreng Pisang. I have been reminded many times but since everyone uses the former, you should know what to do when in Rome. (OK, so I haven't been to Rome...)

I met this guy years ago whenever I was servicing the customers nearby. This carried forward to my current job since there is still another customer nearby. For me, anything within 5 kilometres is nearby, which is true because I have a car. So, this guy mans his stall, which only sells banana fritters (there, I solved the Pisang Goreng/Goreng Pisang matter) and also some noodles and well, drinks to go with them too. Initially, I always go there to buy the banana fritters but today, I am going to enjoy some of their noodles, which is either Assam Laksa or Curry Mee.

The reason why his banana (ha ha ha) fritters are so special is that its the way he deep-fries them which is not only aromatic but crunchy as well, due to his special batter mix. And this is the only stall that I know of, in Shah Alam, that has them.

This is his modest stall and nothing has changed ever since I first met him years ago. The only difference now is that most of his family is helping him and since it is the year-end school holidays, so are his kids.

While waiting for the banana fritters to be ready, I ordered a bowl of curry mee. Not in the mood for Assam Laksa, though

This is how he prepares the frying. The problem is in the heat of the oil.

He told me that these bananas are wild ones in the kampung which no one eats and so, its good for his business or something.

Because the oil is not hot enough, the fritters take a longer time to fry, which is his main concern when his customers are all waiting.

While waiting, his wife refilled my drink at no charge, which I am grateful for since today is a hot day

All of a sudden, the sky changes its colour and this means rain is coming. He is now worried because from the looks of the clouds, this is a big one. The last time it happened, he hurriedly took his family to the nearby shops while he stayed in the van. It was scary for him because the whole van shook and swayed with the winds blowing. And some of the roof in the nearby shops flew... I am starting to believe Bruce when he said the thunderstorms in Shah Alam are serious, they are serious.