The Wardick

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! While going out with the Loctor, I got this Zoids model from Tomy. Its called the Wardick [EZ-040]. I do not know why they named it that way but sometimes, it makes you wonder. I am attracted to the Zoids model because of the pilot/cockpit (ha ha ha) which houses those pilot figures. Unfortunately, I can't fix it yet because of my hand but hopefully, after a few more days, we shall see.

One thing about the Zoids model kits in this range was that they use wind-up engines to power them. However, in this case, I can see there is a problem because the model is water-based which means that you can wind it up and watch it waddle around in the water. After that, the rust would set in. I mean who else would be playing with a rusty dick?

I am going to modify it into something else, maybe some kind of a flying patrol craft instead. Already the head and the floatation tanks on the sides are giving me ideas.

It was selling for RM39.90

What interested me was the head but I hated the flippers

Lots of parts and I hated those wind-up mechanisms

This time, there is only one pilot and some polystyrene block to make it float

Gout Attack

Well, what can I say except that today is Sunday. With my hand still sore from Gout attack, it is quite a problem taking care of Kristine who, day by day, is becoming more active.