The little pleasures in life

Eversince my daily pattern has changed, it was not easy to just 'get up and go' to any places we like to be. And besides, with the girls growing up, everynight is almost homework/school night. And so, tonight, after checking on the relative's house, I told Wife we WILL be going to MacDonalds despite the girls finishing their dinner and also going there the day before.

Yeah, not only that, I had some errands to do as well. I mean, just after opening an Account, I found that I would be charged RM2.00 to transfer monies from bank to bank. So, I had to take cash from one bank, and walk to the other to deposit it. Which is nice since once you deposit it, tha account instantly reflected the new balance. But I cannot be doing this all the time and this is not a good idea since I was still using M2U to pay bills. Hopefully, this would be settled by next month.

The girls enjoying their fries, McFlurry with oreos
and a big cup of Coke. Well, a refilled big cup of Coke