Australian School Answering Machine

The kedondong

The first time I came across this... fruit-thing was in 2004 when I was first courting my then girlfriend. It was growing in their garden. Every morning, they would pluck the fruit and put them onto waist-high baskets. Then they would take this to the rubber plantation where they would be coated with rubber and packaged as squash balls.

But some would prefer to peel off the skin and soak them with vinegar and asam boi mixture. This is because one believes that when one eats them during full moon and also at the next waxing, one would be able to realise that reading this article is a complete waste of time.

Don't ask. I used to love this until Wife pointed out
that it is the favourite munch food for pregnant
ladies. Now, I love pregnant ladies instead.

Kaelynn's new Hello Kittiy toys

The problem with relatives is that when the girls 'asks' for stuff, they actually gave them. Not because they are cousins or what but well, kids being kids are very direct. But from our point or view, it is not a nice thing since they relative have no choice but to give, and put up a happy face at the same time. We all experience this one time or another, right?

I am not sure about this but I just don't like the feeling of putting a person into a spot. maybe I am a bit too sensitive but then again, this is a very touchy subject. OK, so I am not going to talk much about it further.

Still, she does take very good care
of them, which is a consolation to me

1/24 Tamiya Rally Driver part 2

Remember the Peugeot Rally Figures I got earlier, I was happy and disappointed at the same time. This was because the figures were made from a very flexible material. This is a challenge for me since I do not know if they require special paint.

Here, with the help of Kaelynn, who demonstrates
the flexibility of the

As it is 1/24, when compared to the bigger 1/20,
it looked like a small kid instead.

Which is still good because the chairs I got from
Bruce is 1/24.

But seriously, I am thinking of recasting them into white smooth-on resin not because I want to save money on buying more, but I have no confidence with these flexible stuff. And how soon will I do this, depends on time, money and most importantly a fully ventilated area.