There is this project that I am thinking about and well, instead of boring you to death about the theories, I am going straight to the point: I want to make some drop bombs. Well, there is no other words to describe it. Ths project is supposed to fly around and well, drop some droppings which is fatal for the targets below.

And so, I decided to try to make some, using
beads that is meant for making necklaces. I
got the white ones in Kepong while the green
and the round ones are from Art Friend at

Yes, its very small. Years ago, I would
not have any problems with them.

Anyway, this is what it looks like, and
well, its more like the AIDS virus.... :-O

My antenna

Sometimes, people often wonder how I can be so 'update' or knowledgeable on certain subject or people. Well, to tell you the truth, I am not. Its just that information comes to me at the right time or just by coincidence. But no, they do not believe me. So, how to convince them that I am not psychic or something.

Aha! I have it!

Ta-da! My 'antenna*'
(or just plain booger with white hair)

Over here, when people say, "Wah, your antenna very long, eh?" it means, You know a lot of things or to be exact you are very 'update' about people/gossip.