Left to her own devices

Sometimes, it is fascinating to see how Kaelynn amuses herself when she is all alone. Unlike her sister, she will find something to do. And best of all, she does not need toys or other stuff either.

And here she is, playing with the slothes
peg. I used to play them too.

What is so interesting about clothes pegs,
you ask? Well, she is reconstructing what
I showed her from memory eventhough
its not accurate.

What she was trying to do was to copy the
clothes peg 'bomb' I made for her days ago.
You just drop them and they will 'explode'

Later, she came actross the jigsaw puzzle
which I tried to do with her last year.

This time, she can really complete the puzzle without
any help. And this is amazing because at that age, I
was still well, being naughty.