I have used the tested PWM module from Flowcode and used it to light up an LED with a PIC16F628A, which is quite nice.

This is a simple flow

You can see the video. Ignore the noise as my daughter was curious too

The Spray B

(Mommy runs for cover)

The bicycle! Point it at the bicycle!
No! Not the neighbours!

Not the boxes too!

The Spray A

OK, this is how you wash your bicycle

Let me try, Mommy! Let me try!

Alright, here you are, just squeeze the trigger....

No! No! Point it at the bicycle!
The bicycle!

Who did that?

It was late into the night by the time we came back from Penang and (unluckily) Kristine was still awake. So, when the saw what I had bought, she wanted some, which I innocently gave her....

This is a very nice biscuit which Kristine loved (for that night)

And the next day, we also discovered that these biscuits
tend to leave a lot of crumbs........ oh-oh. So, I had to mop
the floors again

As usual, Kaelynn was unaware of her elder sister's
midnight snack

Teelseed Oil? I thought I bought sesame oil......

The trip up North E

The Tom Yam satay and the chicken satay, which
I did not notice much because I was more interested
in the lack of onions and weird pear-like fruits. The
curry sauce in the background looked plentiful but its
only 0.5 cm thick. Ha ha ha ha

This is the place we went to, and well, forgot about
it later on. If you asked me where it was, I can't
even tell you because I have absolutely no idea

The trip up North D

After rushing from Alor Setar and completed the task in Penang, we were about to go home but the Bridge was jammed with cars from both direction. So, we scouted around and finally settled at some place which is near to the Paradise Hotel or something. I was too tired to notice anything except for the food placed in front of me.

This kuey teow is delicious, with prawns and
duck's egg

Then the sauce for the loh bak (I think) looks
devilishly delicious

OK, so only the sauce was nice..........ahem

But this noodle, I don't know what they call it,
is very very nice

Trip up North C

One last look, this is going to be a big system

The next one was in Penang

Yep. No one was there and the customer wants it
up, so we installed it but that's as fars as we went

After getting lost for a bit, we found the place
and bought loads of biscuits and also sesame

Trip up North B

All the old phones too

This drink did not do what its supposed to do

The finished system

And all packed up, ready to be taken away

Journey up North A

We were required to go up to Alor Setar to install another PABX. The current system used was 2 obsolete Panasonics and they were used in a very inefficient way. This was because one of the earlier system was already obsolete so they could not expand it any further and therefore, they bought another system (which became obsolete last year) to link them together. But this was not an ideal solution because it sacrificed a lot of communication pathways. So, we proposed them a new system which they agreed. Now, everyone in the office is happy because they could communicate between department without any problems.

The old system already lying there, but still
active because we have yet to switch over

In its place, a big 250-pair distribution box which
keeps all the cabling neat and tidy

We had lunch here. A very funny place because
outside, it was a Malay stall which sells delicious
nasi lemak. While inside, a lot of old folks drinking
coffee and eating Chinese stuff

The old system, waiting to be packed up