Kristine's First Snickers

When she was bored (ran out of things to terrorise) I used to give her this Snickers candy bar for her to play with. So, this morning, I gave her the same bar again, forgetting the fact that she now has teeth. So, after a while, when I removed the salive coated bar, Kristine has already bitten a hole and ate some of the chocolates.

Now I realise why she did not want to let go of the candy bar.

Waaah! I am hungry!

Hee hee hee! A candy bar!

You can see the hole in the wrapper and the nut showing


Sorry. This post is of no meaning whatsoever except to a few. I just needed to upload this picture.
Move along, now. Nothing to see

What is he doing here in Kuala Lumpur?

Lumileds in Penang

This is a very happy news indeed. Lumileds, the creators of Luxeon LEDs (which gives you the World's birghtest LEDs) are creating the next generations of Luxeons here in Penang. This means, I would have to be very pally wally with some of my friends in Penang from now on. Ha ha ha

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Victim of Child Abuse

Very often, we hear of such crimes against another human. The damage is usually beyond physical. The scars might heal after a few months but imagine the psycological damage inflicted. Very often, the abuser is usually of someone know to the victim and therefore, the victim allow themselves to be intimidated. And because of this link, the victim would refuse to retaliate due to their love for them and knowing the difference in strength, the resulting injuries would often proved to be painful to both parties.

So, child abuse cases are usually not that simple nor that straightforward. And unfortunately, for every case that has been exposed, there would be many more yet to be uncovered. Usually these attacks happens on the bed and in the early morning. Below is picture of a typical child abuser:

I got slapped in the face,
my nose picked and probed,
my mouth pulled open,
my hair pulled, and
my glasses taken away.

So, the moral of the story is, when you are sleeping, be alert in case The Little Monster climbs on the bed and kacau you early in the morning.