More mileage, Same RON

The MyVi is known as a fuel sipper. And when you feather-foot and turn off the A/C, it would sound more like he's on a diet. Then for the last two tankful, I turned off the fan...

I always like to calculate VeeChai's fuel consumption as long as the records are there. The way he consumes fuel depended on my daily route and the types of Job I had. In some jobs, I had to drive throughout the day and on others, I would only drive without the Sun in the Sky.

How I wished I had all the data with me as it would be very interesting.

Anyway, in my current and last job, I only drove in the mornings and evenings, with the evening being a chore since I had to join the traffic jams. I only had to use the A/C when it rains.

The graph for me this time is quite interesting.

This was the last month in my ex-Job where I used the Highway with minimal traffic jams in the evening.

September and October:
The rare chance I drove and this is just short distances in the City with the air-conditioner used occasionally. Man, that fuel consumption killed my wallet.

New job. Morning highways were good but the evening traffic sucked monkey balls. This was also the time I tried various routes to overcome the jams.

Holy guacamole! I am not sure if this is true or not!
Maybe the fuel injectors or the Flux Capacitor cleared itself or something. I got more mileage once I turned off the fan. The past year, it was the air conditioning being off and now, its the fan.

The. Freaking. Fan.

The one which blew outside air in (without the a/c). So, I'm going to test this again with a few more tanks to confirm if its correct. Or maybe, just that it's time for the 10,000Km service....

07022018 Y U no drink?

On the left, we have Mr. Jolly coming in at RM1.49 and on the right, its Mr. Anglia at RM1.79. Who will win?

In all my Life, I don't really consume alcohol much and in fact, in our household, we just don't drink. So, once in a while, if I really need to, it would be in small quantities. It's not that I don't like the stuff but I am quite annoyed with their side effects.

You know, pink faces, headaches, loud heartbeats, and the more serious repercussion: Gout.

Anyway, maybe it's due to age but tonight, I find that I can handle the 1% Shandies better without the normal side-effects. When I was small, drinking Anglia Shandy was like entering a new World. It tasted so unlike Coke, Root Beer or even Sarsi and yeah, that woozy feeling.

Is VeeChai Sipping or Guzzling?

So, how does this car of mine fared after all these years? It's a nimble little guy who can twist and turn in most Urban spaces, has the power when I needed it and most importantly, is quite economical to run.

The MyVi has already taught me to be a light-footer and use slopes to my advantage too. Maintenance so far, to me, is quite reasonable despite what others may say and its always by Perodua (well, 98% or the time). After more than five years, there would be some serious maintenance going its way soon.

What I love about the MyVi is that it does help save petrol on the condition that you know what you're doing. Here's a summary of what I am trying to say, or at last could recall:

Normal urban driving with Aircond on: 14.5Km/L
Highway driving with the Aircond on: 16Km/L
Highway driving with no Aircon but with OD: 18Km/L

Yeah, you got that right. It's due to the new driving style where I don't use the Aircond much. I drive to work in the morning, and return in the evening, where everything is cool, unless it rains. Then I need to switch the Aircond on to make sure the windows don't fog up.

Let's take the latest data. Last week, I pumped in RM50.00 worth of go-go juice which at RM2.30 per litre, gives me 21.74 litres in the tank, giving me 394.7Km of tarmac. That puts me at 18.15Km/Litres.

Just as long as I don't keep turning the OverDrive off. The BUTTON which you need to PRESS to turn it OFF for more TORQUE.

But acceleration is so much fun...