Playmates Tricorder

OK, I have found the power adaptor for the Tricorder. And I have also modified it to display lighted up at The Outpost. And once you pull the power jack away, the Tricorder would run on its internal batteries. But when I am finished with the Phaser Rifle, this would be my next project.

Some of the parts are still not completed yet, especially the top as I did not
have the time to get those semi-circle transparent acrylics

Its a bit brighter since I am using 6 volts instead of the usual 3. And I have

cut off the circuit to make the sound since the extra voltage makes the sound

scratchy. Yeah, the labels are crap and since I lost the beautiful original, this

was the best I could come up with, for the moment, tha is

Avanza driveres are rude on the road

Well, it would be true if he keeps driving like that. I know that in the morning, having to face traffic jam(s) would make everyone cranky. So, its better to get that over with and reach the safety of the office. But hey, everyone was probably thinking the same thing too.

It is just not nice to speedily cut into a lane without signalling. In the stop-go situation, I had to brake hard just to avoid bumping into you.

Already the side lane has turned into a third lane and suddenly, whoosh....

In you come, with your Avanza, proudly showing you're both a TOCM member

and some Avanza club. But did it occur to you that you're creating a very bad

publicity for the clubs you belong to? Not even WPC (that I know of) members do that

And I was so frustrated at that, I did not even notice I got a bad note