Driving in the cold

When we came back from Ipoh (after being there for 13 hours), I noticed it has rained and the surroundings were quite cold. This is very good news for Fuel-injection cars because cold air contains more oxygen. So, your car would behave quite nippy. So, I had a nice drive back home without having to step hard on the gas pedal all the time.

See how fast I was accelerating?
The the wind threw the flower back quite a distance

Networking (or seeing old friends)

We were up North in Ipoh today, with two missions in mind.

One was to service a customer and the other was an attempt to establish a "helping hand" in the area. This is because we have discovered that our customers were not limited to the Klang Valley alone. For example, the office in Petaling Jaya could be the HQ and since they are confortable with our services, they would then like us to take care of their branches as well, which is usually, quite far.

The only person I could rely on, in these parts would be a friend of mine, who is now a lecturer. He has been working on the same previous company as me and has suffered a lot. For five years, he truly knows the meaning of "One Leg Kick" (or, plainly, the one who does everything in the company) and was never promoted.

We were there to convince him to help us and also, indirectly help himself. He is now going through what I have last year and for a person like him, it might break rather than make him. So, I hope our mission today was a success, but on ly time will tell.

Spoils of the trip
Clockwise from left:
Corn flavoured sweets, spicy biscuit, some preserved fruits, marshmallows with peanut centre, haw cubes, dried sweet potatoes and last of all, "heong pang"
Going to Ipoh without buying this is like going to the swimming pool in your swimming costume but without taking a dip. Yeah, wasted.