The trip to Kemaman

This is the trip to Kemaman, which was actually pushed ahead by one day. So, we were in a loast minute rush to complete this. Luckily, I had installed the system weeks ago and now, its just a matter of locating the wiring, connecting them, plugging in the phone and then some minor programming. Another time saver is that the staff have used Toshiba before and so, there is no need for a briefing. By the time we came back, we're all feeling like zombies.

I hate the computer guys for this. We installed the phone system and
then they had to place the Server Rack next to it. And not only that,
Telekoms team ripped out the extra cabling for their own ISDN line
test. Then they complained to us that we did not connect it properly

And I also hate the furniture guys who love to do this to us.
Luckily the tables are still empty

On the way back, we stopped by at Kuantan and I hate the
autodialer guys to does this. The moment the customer
opens the door it will wear out the cable. Or when they
forgot the cable was ever there, they will trip and then
rip out everything plugged to the wall. And then we
get the blame. I was asked if they could share the
one powerpoint (used for our phone system) and
I said no because this could affect the system's
performance if anything should go wrong.

On the way back, sadly, this is the only one clear shot
I could get from my camera before it went dead
The rest of the shots are all cacat one

The 40-minute Gundam

I got in early this morning at 0700 as we're going on a loast minute outstation trip to Kemaman. So, while waiting for my technician to arrive at 0800, I decided to finish my Gundam if possible. All was well except that after a certain step, I did not look at the instruction sheets anymore and therefore, ended up with a backside Gundam. Precious minutes were wasted to correct that.

Not only that, while I was balancing it (on the partition wall), it fell and broke a part from the rifle. In te end, I just laid in on the office carpet and took the shot.

Heads and legs are pointing the right way, except for the torso
Here's showing my Butt to you!

Minute 25, almost there.....

OK! Done!

But the gun was damaged (bottom left), the part which
I liked the most. Cheh. But now, I have a few ideas I
would like to implement (if I have the time, that is)