Trip to Melaka

So, there was an emergency trip to Melaka as we were needed to install two extra telephones. There was nothing much to post about but this is a sign for things to come as my tentative schedule said I will be in Johor on Monday till Tuesday and then on Wednesday, I will have to be in Terengganu and lastly, in Kuantan.

This means more driving from South to North and will be very tiring for me. I mean, driving up to Terengganu from Johor in one night is going to make me go nuts. Not even a 5GB worth is MP3 will satisfy me....... (As if I have 5 GB worth of MP3 and SD cards)

This is how the telephone looked like at the Guardhouse
as it was exposed to the environment. Nice shades of grey

Spooning around

Due to the high incident rate of customers cutting their lips,
the Plastic Spoon Manufacturers for Nasi Lemak Association
have therefore come up with an alternative design for the
plastic spoon. Although the new design has solved the initial
problem, many customers found it very difficult to use the
handles to dig their ears, scrape for fluff in their belly
button or even scratch their backs

Goodbye to you

Remember the NEC system we dismantled on the eve of Hari Raya? Well, we just returned after the customer has finished their week long holiday. Nothing much for us to do but to cart away the system and all of its accessories. Back then, in 1984, this must have cost them a fortune.

What you're seeing here is the front panel of the NEC's power system
Lots of switches, so I salvaged this

The NEC system at the back of the van

This is the last sight I'll ever see of that great mighty NEC.
These people have converted our old office to a scrap shop
For 59Kg, we got RM53. Later, we took their almost bulging
batteries and they gave us RM87 in return. Huh?
(So now, I will scout for more batteries and aluminium. Ha ha ha)

But I saved one circuit card as it has some EPROMS
I am interested in experimenting