Lion Dance

This morning, we had to come in early and prepare for the Lion Dance. They're from a school which I have never heard before. The "experts" are rare and they're much much more expensive.

Hoo boy! We're gonna have a lot of fun!!!

The Lion Dance crew preparing for the event

Here they come! Into the main reception area.

The Big Big Boss

The Not so Big Big Boss

That's me (but the temporary cameraman screwed up)

The very dedicated percussion expert

No, this is not Iwo Jima. They're getting ready for the exciting part.........

Stop looking at me!

Yes, we're all Vegetarians

Dance of the Fireworks

After 30 minutes of fun, its all over.

Valentine's Day

Stupid Cat
What a way to start the Week. I accidentally stepped on the cat's tail and now I have its autograph on my right foot. Why must it lick its paws in front of the Fridge, I will never know. But suprisingly, for lunch and dinner, I had a wonderful time as the stupid cat was nowhere to be seen. I just hate it when it starts too rub my leg for food. The cat was naughty as well. It ripped a bag of Whiskas on Saturday night, and then on Sunday, swiped a fried chicken leg, took one bite and left it. Oh no, Ms. Cat, you can't fool me with those innocent, "Who, me?" eyes. It was you, you and you.

My Right Foot. (After more than 10 hours and numerous dabs of Savlon cream, its still not healed)

Valentine's Day
Ha ha ha ha ha. There are so many origins to this Day, that I am not going to bother much about it.
All I know is that some Saint with that name died in the hands of a Claud. From then on, every male on Earth, has been horribly cursed with performing Acts of Love such as buying mouldy chocolates, ugly flowers, ridiculous looking diamonds and other obscene pretty things at exhorbitant prices to satisfy the whims of the lady on that day for the rest of their miserable lives.
(Makes you wonder what they do for the rest of the 364 days)

Mind you, if it wasn't for Valentines' Day, those poor people working as Florists, Restauranteurs, Cadbury's, the Delivery Boy and even the Condom seller would not be driving Mercedes now.

Heh. This is what I got for my Wife and "arranged" it in a spot where she'll see it first thing in the morning

But on a serious note, everyone dreads Valentine's Day because its too commercialised, expensive, a rip-off, everyday is Valentine's Day, etc. But this is not an excuse if you had planned it properly. For example, if you need to buy a nice present, buy it weeks before and not on that day, make bookings as early as possible and so on. This is very more so with flowers. Buy them a day or two before and stick them in sugared water.

So, I hate to say this, but in general, those who complained were the ones who did remembered them on the very last minute and had to rush all over the town for it. This is also the same attitude as in how you view your loved ones as well; Taken for Granted.

They love you a lot and how you reward them, shows.