Kelantanese Fare

As a reward for helping with a PC problem, we were treated to a dinner although both of us felt it was too generous. I mean, I do not mind helping out every now and then, not just because they're my In-Laws but because I do feel appreciated. Moreover, I do not want my Wife to feel that sometimes, she could have made a wrong choice.

Anyway, I forgot the name of the restaurant but its located on the First Floor of Sooka, near Sentral. And boy, all I can say is, the chicken they ordered for me was absolutely delicious!

First, we had to go to Second Sis-in-Law to pick her up
since she is treating. And when we arrived, we had a
lovely surprise waiting for us; durians!

After a little bit of persuasion, they girls overcame their
shyness around their Aunts and began to devour the

The restaurant had a very unique setting, where, in the
main area, there is a raised platform where you can sit
cross-legged while eating.

While Wife and her sisters were busy chatting, the girls
and I had fun with the utensils and the cushions.

After dinner, as the girls were getting a bit too
noisy, we were suggested to go outside onto the
balcony where we can watch the LRT trains
passing by. It was a treat for the girls.

Nothing much to see here, except vandalism at its
best. This is the electrical fuse with two timers to
control the electricity within the carpark pay
booth, I suppose.