The two red lines

Hoo boy............
(Here we go again! :D )

System Installation @ Menara IMC III

Today was the final day for us but since we finished ours a day ahead of schedule, we still had to attend the hand-over meeting. And because the tables were not cleaned, we did not put the phones last night until this morning. I hated the way the cleaners cleaned the place because of so much dust, they did not refilled the buckets as often as they did. So, most of the surface either still had more dust or full of those dusty water stains.

Our PABX is complete
But the cleaners wiped it with a dirty cloth so the stains were all over it

They have the company logo up

And the cleaners cleaned........

.. anb cleaned.... (but they did not rinse the water so the tables were dusty again)

Finally the carpets were reavealed

And were vacuumed cleaned

Because earlier on, it was full of sharp debris left by other contractors while we're still barefoot

Finally, its ready for occupation on Monday

I love this Lightbox table