Reverse Banging

I was passing by Bangsar just now, and an incident really irked me.

There was this guy in a Kancil, reversing without bother to look at the rear. It so happens there was a lady standing there, waiting to cross the road. So, he reversed his car and hit her. Already there were a few witnesses and this guy just sat there, looked at everybody and smiled his cynical smile.

I was nearest to his car and wanted to get him to come out an apologize. However, luckily I calmed down and my brain went overtime reassessing the situation:

1) The Victim had a big butt like a cow so the reverse 2kmh did not create any injury except a mild scream like those bad horror movies.
2) The Driver was a TALL fella who could deck me with one blow and also, the rest of the witnesses decided it was safer to just get a ringside seat.