That Korean Restaurant

Wife wanted to have a meal outside tonight and so, she suggested we try at The Sphere near Bangsar. Or rather, the area newly developed behind Angkasapuri. And so, after much searching, we came to this Korean place and because by then, we were very hungry indeed to the point, I forgot the name of the place...

Since we were still early, the food came in quite fast. These are botomless appetisers and they're delicious!

Forgot what we ordered but there is a choice of third free dish. So we got steamed egg, nice but a bit burnt.

Drinks with real lemon

The burnt parts were crispy and delicious...


Selected menu. Good.

Sorry but this was so many months ago, and I really have no idea on the details. However, I do not mind if you treat me to another meal at this Korean Restaurant to refresh my memory...

Pasta Lunch

Why do I like Pasta? Here is why:


1.. You walk pasta da bakery.

2... You walka pasta da candy store.

3.. You walka pasta da Ice Cream shop.

4.. You walka pasta da table and fridge.

You will lose weight!

Heh heh. But really, I like pasta in the simple sense that its really filling and there is nothing so complicated than just a dab of mayo or chili sauce and I am done. On some days, half an onion and a sprinkle of chicken stock will do too.

I love my Wife. I really do. Just a simple dish like this and she can make it taste like Heaven

The Kaleidoscope

I found this on the table and this was a lovely surprise as it was ages since I held one in my hands. For all those who do not know what it was, its a kid's cheap alternative to getting stoned. OK, OK, for the 'up-to-date' version, its the cheap alternative for those who has no money to buy this app for their iPads/IPhones/Androids/etc.

Basically, its just a paper tube (extended toilet roll) filled with colourful trinkets and some mirrors to create a wonderful image or fractal-like patterns in an infinite variation. Also, its a cheap way to entertain kids non-infected for hours. (Infected as in exposed to TVs, iPads/iPhones/Androids/Internet)

The sad thing is, for kids nowadays, especially my girls, this tube only distracted them for less than 30 seconds. One day, I am going to blacken the eyepiece...

A tube of fun...

And when you peek into it, whoa.......

The change of clothes

After the shoes cleaning, they changed to their clothes, All these were done within 10 minutes. But it took us twice to clean up after them. Sigh.

But then, you ask, what is that compared to later years? As they grow up, children will learn how to take care of themselves and also, to learn that Parents are not slaves of convenience nor cheap servant replacements. This is a very good advise for kids who do not have common sense and limited pocket money.

Yes, so you Mommas and Poppas know that for every cutesy pics like these, there are more 'behind the scenes' ones hidden. Yeap. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Cleaning your own shoes

I figured that at their age now, its the right time to get them to clean their own school shoes. And so, I picked up their shoes and get them to clean it at the rear washroom. The only concern is that their enthusiasm in scrubbing might produce more holes in the shoes. Still, I have to instill these into thier heads.

You wash and white your own shoes or there's nothing to wear on Monday

Unfortunately, they created more suds than normal, which Mommy was not in the mood to clean it off...