Evening walk B

Kristine playing see-saw with Mommy

Now, this is a first. Kristine pushing Kaelynn

But what is worrying me is how she makes her little sister sit properly

One last thing before we all go home: Scaring the fishes

Evening walk A

By now, it is almost a tradition for us to wander about at the public park. Because if I don't Kristine would wake my up to make sure she gets there. Actually, I wanted to go to The Curve or Mid-Valley (haven't been there for 7 months) but alas, my wallet still said no. But still, wherever we are, as long as we're together, its quality time well spent.

Despite her excitement, I have to make sure she does not abandon her bike

Yep, she definitely loves the swings

Kristine playing peek-a-boo with Mommy and Kaelynn

After going across to MacDonalds for some
shi-shi session, I got her a Strawberry
Sundae. Well, it is Sunday today.

Behind the curtains..........

Ever wondered what goes on behind these curtains?

Yeah, both of them caught in the act trying to
scheme to make Mommy and Daddy go mad