The 1TB Toaster

OK, when it comes to computer stuff, I am a big zero. I am so out of touch with them. So, it happened this morning when one of the IT vendors was taking out a toaster for the customer. Yes, OK, it looked like a toaster to me, OK?

It was not until I saw the packaging that it is a 1 Tera Byte storage. So, I Tera Byte means, what? A lot? Ha ha ha ha

This reminds me, I better get my Sis to get me a 60GB PHD as well as my Hard disc are running out of space to store them baby photos. And just to be sure, once my pay comes through, I might have enough to buy some blank CDRs as well. Just in case the Hard Disk got softened.

It looked like a toaster, OK?

One Tera-fying Bytes of storage

And when I looked up their website, this LaCie drive was so expensive!!!

Car troubles

No, not my car this time, even though the Air-Con is on the blink. Just got some shots of other people's car troubles

1015: Near Jinjang traffic lights in Kepong
Caused a jam there

1335: After Phileo Damansara, most probably his fuel gauge is gone