Making my Bengmobile Hornier

Sometimes, in Life, when you least expect it, wonderful surprises do happen. I do experience a few but never to do with money (ahem). For example, while I was in Pasar Road today, (Yes, today's trip is an "Official" one which I need to scout for some 30meter VGA cable prices), I spotted a Stebel horn.

At first, I did a double-take because one, its a Stebel and two, it might or might not be a fake. But once I opened it, well, whether its a fake or not, I could not tell since I am no expert in this horny business. For those who did not know, Stebel Horns are loud, as in VERY LOUD. And days ago, I was searching all over the Internet for this horn, which is the Nautilus model. Anyway, they girl tested it for me and in hindsight, I walked 10-15 feet away from the horn. I did not expect much until she said in a loud voice, "Horn Test!". And with that, she plugged the Nautilus into the 12 volt battery.

And the Nautilus is loud. Imagine standing next to a horn when it goes off. Now, imagine the same sound when you're standing 10-15 feet away. I was so happy that I did not ask for a discount and happily paid for it, with my ear still ringing. Still, there are some things I need to modify in the car as this horn cannot be used always as a main horn. Its best kept for "special occassions" such as slow drivers, those who open car doors without looking, and also, casual jaywalkers. Ha ha ha ha!

On the left is the cheap RM20.00 alarm horn which
I did not expect much from it. And on the right is
the RM78.00 Nautilus. Is this the real deal? I am
not sure but the sound is convincing enough.

Not only that, its bulky and heavy too. I am not sure
how this horn works but seems like the metal tube
holds a motor to blow some reed (sound) where
the shaped red horns amplify them.

Apart from the the metal lug, there are not other
point to mount it. Oh, the instruction also says not
to mount it this way but upside down.