Ramadan Bazaar @ TTDI

When I was small, the only thing that mattered to me during the Puasa month was that we all get to come home from school early. This is because once the Muslim students and workers have left early, by the time it was our turn, there was no traffic jam. It was the same for me when I started working too. After one month of bliss, its a small wonder that I find myself celebrating too. The only difference now, I guess, is that its all about food. Most of them does not "exist" except for this one special month. And all of a sudden, Hotels are advertising sumptuos buffets and treats too. But all in all, I have never been to a Ramadan Bazaar.

All my life, I would have seen them on the roadside, near my office, near my customer's offices and so on. But never in it. Until today, because of my Wife's wish for "Jagung bakar" (BBQ corn with butter), I decided to look for it since I was passing through TTDI. And at this time of the day, there were already a lot of people queuing up for their food.

Trust me, its almost five in the evening and people
are already lining up to buy things.

And I mean everyone.

There are some delicacies to be had but
I passed on this one since we make our
own at least once a month

Boss, what you want?
I want fish
What type of fish, Boss?
Dunno, just fish
OK how about this one?
OK, looks like fish, I'll take it
OK, Boss. RM12

And during dinner, it was delicious!

And its also a good time to do help others

At the end of the day, I've spent RM20 for some small tid-bits for the family:
Grilled Fish (RM12)
2 big bags of coconut juice (RM6)
1 small packet of lekor (RM2)

Wow. This is expensive, man.

Bad circuit design

I got a call from my technician regarding one of our customer's backup battery. It seemed that when the Toshiba PABX is down, the backup-battery would not switch over. So, I got him to use conduct a sereis of tests on the system but the result was still the same. So, I got him to come back to the company, take a replacement power supply and take the suspect item back for diagnosis. It has never happened before but after my last trip up North, I am not taking any chances.

When I opened the PSU, sure enough, it was the same problem spot. But here, this time round, I am confident that it can be repaired. So, for those who are having a Toshiba Strata CTX100, becareful when you need to deal with the backup batteries and try not to use too much force.

This is the charger circuit board. On the other side is the
connector. As you can see, there are nothing to secure the
connector to the circuit board and also, the circuit board is
not made of fibreglass but the resin paper types where the
copper tracks will come off if you solder on it too long. Here
lies the problem where when you insert the batteryconnectors,
you cannot insert too hard or twist it at an angle because it
will destroy the copper track on the other side. Here, some
thing has happened and I just soldered the broken tracks
back with wires and thank goodness it still works.