Sardine Curry Puffs at Damansara Uptown II

OK, I am a bit tired of the sardine curry puffs as I have been to that place almost three to four times a week now. So, one day, I decided to try something different, which is their vadaai. And boy, its great! Yes, it is a bit weird because this is an Indian delicacy but here, the couple have managed to make their own version. I would suggest you to try it.

At first, it looks like those chicken nuggets with breadcrumbs.
But just tell her, you want the vadaai "tiada lubang" and she
will pick them up for you, at RM1.00 for three.

The best part is when you take the
first bite. Its crunchy on the outside
but soft and a bit garlicky inside. In
other words, wonderful! Bear in mind
though, it must be eaten hot.

By the way, the GPS coordinates are:
There. Managed to get a shot of the van. But its late
in the evening and the lighting is not that wonderful.

Ingenuity Unlimited

When the windscreen is smashed, you just smashed it away.
Then you replace it with transparent plastic. But then, you
discovered your budget has gone out of the window because
you forgot to include the windscreen in your insurance. And
so, slowly, the plastic becomes dirty. And so, the cheapest
way is to "open" it, rain, rocks and dirt be dammed. Anyway,
you can't complain about the excellent ventilation it offers.

Wait till you get a fucking traffic summons, you idiot!

Women are always clever

Women are always Clever (got this from a random blog.brilliant!)

Man: " Haven't we met before?"
Woman: "Yes, I'm the receptionist at the V.D. Clinic."

Man: "Haven't I seen you someplace before?"
Woman: "Yeah, that's why I don't go there anymore."

Man: "Is this seat empty?"
Woman: "Yes, and this one will be too if you sit down."

Man: "So, wanna go back to my place?"
Woman: "Well, I don't know. Will two people fit under a rock?"

Man: "Your place or mine?"
Woman: "Both. You go to yours and I'll go to mine."

Man: "I'd like to call you. What's your number?"
Woman: "It's in the phone book."

Man: "But I don't know your name."
Woman: "That's in the phone book too."

Man: "So what do you do for a living?"
Woman: "I'm a female impersonator."

Man: "I know how to please a woman ."
Woman: "Then please leave me alone."

Man: "I want to give myself to you."
Woman: "Sorry, I don't accept cheap gifts."

Man: "I can tell that you want me."
Woman: "Ohhhh. You're so right. I want leave."

Man: "May I see you pretty soon?"
Woman: "Why? Don't you think I'm pretty now?"

Man: "I'd go through anything for you."
Woman: "Good! Let's start with your bank account."

Man: "I would go to the end of the world for you."
Woman: "Yes, but would you stay there ?"

The T-Rex stripper

OK, OK, I don't know what else to call it as "Wire Stripper" just sounds so bland. I picked this up while we were lost in Penang. Found the wrong shop but boy, it has enough Engineering stuff to make the Engineer inside me drool. After asking for directions to the next shop, I eyed this tool and decided I must have it there and then. All the times I was in Pasar Road, it did not cross my mind to get one. Maybe it explains the empty feeling I always have when I leave the place (apart form my wallet)

Yes, the price was RM35 but she gave me a discount
that even the most kiamsiap Penangnite would faint
from disbelief. Alas, I only had enough to buy one.

I call it the T-Rex because the tool is shaped almost
like its head. Technically, its name would be mutated
T-Rex because under its jaw/neck, was a cutter tool.

How it works is, you insert the wire up to the correct length.
Then grip its legs which would shut the jaws and the inner
teeth would pull and strip the wire. Unfortunately, this is
also a very painful tool if you want to DIY remove your
foreskin down there.....

How not to use stickers

One of the things I gave to both girls were the stickers
after my trip back from Penang. And because I told
them not to simply stick to anything but precious
things, this was what Kristine did........... aiyo.

Lunch at Pizza Hut

Its one of those rare moments where we had a bit of time to just go out for the sake of going out. After a brief jaunt of looking at schools near Wangsa Maju, we had lunch at Pizza Hut.

Kristine loved the spaghetti and the pizza

And so did Kaelynn

Later, both were playing about in the middle of their
meals, despite our countless objections

And that is also the time where both of them were almost full
but we need them to finish their meals because there were
still a lot of food on their plates.

Luckily, our meals also included ice-cream, which
encourages the girls to finish their food in the
shortest time possible. Although the ice-cream had
some Smarties...........

It was not what they wanted and so I scooped some
ice-cream onto the two wafers which they quickly
gobbled down but left the ice-cream alone. Weird

Even Kaelynn refuses the Smarties too. Just the wafer
and ice-cream.

Just as well, as these two were
the last to be served. Kristine
did not like the Mango Tango
yoghurt drink but after I got
her to try, she would not let
go until she emptied 3/4 of it.

60 minutes of Darkness

And that's it. Darkness. Everyone switched off their lights for one hour. To raise awareness about climate changes.

For decades, scientists and conservation groups have tried various ways to get everyone to reduce their energy consumption by creating more efficient lighting, hybrid cars, education and so on. Its an uphill struggle to get a person to switch off lights or appliances when not being used or even reduce its consumption. They have almost done everything.

Except this.

Some bright spark in Sydney, Australia thought it would be a good idea to switch off some lights for one hour, which he thinks will help improve the situation. But, there are some things to consider:

-Engineers and technicians would face divorce or cold dinners because they have to rush to be on-site to repair the Generators or cables, to contain any power overloads when everyone switches on their lights simultaneously. In fact, baby production for that month might even be jeopardised.

- Sales of Night Vision goggles would go up. And so are robberies and unexplained street graffiti.

- Vampires will have a full 60 minutes of killing frenzy.

- There would be a lot of reports of untoward incidents such as being robbed from behind, insulting backchats and so on.

- Alien Motherships would have near collisions with Earth in every time zone

- All airplane pilots would create 9-11 incidents in non-voluntary fashion.

- Blind people would make a lot of money as street tour guides for everyone, from taxi drivers to bike couriers to real-deal tourists.

- People would have street parties, where they will use the cheap inefficient lightbulb torches and increase carbon dioxide emission by burning candles. So, sales of these stuff would go up except for condoms and firecrackers (unless you can sell these as instant lights).

- Street cleaners would be very pissed off because of all the discarded (mercury safe) batteries and melted wax everywhere the next day. They might even go on strike for better pay and conditions, which force Cities to increase their budget.

- Fatal car accidents would increase because some clever clogs would actually think about switching of their car headlights.....

- Sales of fuel would increase and also carbon emissions as everyone would start using gensets trying to make a brighter torchlight.

- Wrong injections and diagnosis would happen in Hospitals. And so are increased reports on knee injuries.

- Librarians would experience boredom for the first time.

- Sales of Moon glasses will not take off since there would not be a Full Moon on that night.

And so, the list goes on and on. Let's not even talk about Lawsuits. And all this to create awareness about Climate Changes? Everyone is doing it, Celebrities are supporting it, and right across the Globe, its cool to do that, also at the same time, creating pressure on those who do not want to do it.

So, in support of Earth Hour, I will have my dinner where I can see my food, watch TV, have a Hot shower, turn on the air-con.

Because in the real World, everyone would be using fluorescent lights, plant thousands of trees everyday, go to bed at 10PM, not watch TV nor put appliances in standby modes, cycle to work and eat organically grown Tofu from their own backyard.

Alternately, I can go out and destroy all the power generators and dams all over the World. Then, this would be called Earth Decade instead. Because one hour is not enough.

This is the street scene at 2035 at night. Yeah, who cares?

Me? I am going to eat the duck, siew yok and Nasi
Dagang I bought in Ipoh and Tapah R&R. Lights are
bright enough right where I can see them.

The girls are enjoying them too. Yeah, who cares?

The trip up North ..... Penang Part II

And so, after last night's effort, today's remaining job is to continue setting up the system while my tech continues his. Not much to be done since we managed to squeeze a few hour's work into just two. But there were some problem, such as forgetting to bring some crucial plastic base although the customer is fine with matchbox connectors. My tech and I knew that it would not be good enough a solution. And so, for the next two hours, we got lost in Penang trying to locate a decent electrical shop for the items we needed.

I did not know Penang has Times Square....

Its such as nice day and I really did feel good
(about slacking off to take pictures). We did
the shop somewhere in the middle of
I could not tell where it is as my
Nokia 5800
is still being repaired.

I think this is Green Lane or something, which I
have been here 10 years ago. I loved driving on
this street due to the trees.

After finding the correct way way back, I saw this
place again, which I always successfully failed to go
into, everytime I was in Penang.

And so, with limited time, I had to check out of the
Hotel while I set my tech off to have his breakfast.
Luckily, I did bring a fresh half-loaf of Delicia's
Butterscotch while I worked

All done! And after testing, everything is fine!
We can go back to KL now, but before that....

Its the once in a lifetime experience of Penang Bridge traffic jam.

It took us 30 minutes to get from here to that arrow

Hurry! Hurry! Its 8 more minutes to 60 minutes of ..........

Opening the NERF Longshot

You know, in each of us, we carry a very dangerous item. It is so dangerous, it can create strife at work and in the house. It can even reduce a person to tears in seconds. And in some cases, fatal heart attacks. The effect of this item can even be spread to the other side of the World in seconds. If anyone claims they can control it, they're lying through their teeth. No one can control it. Not even for a second. Men would go weak at their knees, women would even beg just to use it. Beware, for when you use it, you become its slave. And at the end of the day, you WILL willingly become its slave, to the point of doing anything desperate to escape its clutches. Aw, heck, this is going nowhere. On with the real story.

And so, to cut the crap, I am its new victim today.

The NERF Longshot is one of the latest NERF toys to hit the shores of Malaysia (technically, its more than two years old in the US). Not only that, the latest NERF range (of 2008), the CS-6 and also the Vulcan was available as well. However, my main weapon of cherish is the Longshot. Long have I waited to get it in my hands. Long have I scoured eBay for one who would ship to Malaysia. Long have I.......... aw, heck. Let's just skip this part.

Anyway, the NERF Longshot is a single shot non-powered rifle as opposed to the Vulcan which is battery operated and feeds on belts of ammo in seconds. There is a reason why I liked the Longshot. This was because of its design, it would not go out of place in any Sci-Fi event, be it a cosplay, TV series or even in a movie. Not only that, the rifle is is the perfect base for any cosmetic modifications although many opted to increase its firepower instead.

The box is huge. And there is no way you can sneak
this back to the house without being caught. You
can see my Sony Ericsson T630 for scale comparison
since I am too lazy to walk 300 metres to buy a Coke
can and climb back up all the way to the Hotel room.

And I mean huge because unlike other toys, there are no
space for packaging. Just the no-nonsense cable wrapped
stuff. So, yes, this gun is huge. Luckily the paper box is
strong enough to hold all these together.

From clockwise, you have the rifle itself, another rifle
part, the scope, the grip for the extended part, the
cocking mechanism and two ammo clips

As I have seen the guy in Toys R Us trying to disassemble
a returned NERF Vulcan, he had problems taking this
reload bung off, which is similar to this part. As a
precaution, I unscrewed it so that if I wanted to remove
it, it would be easier to do so and not permanently wedged.

Unlike other NERF guns which requires you to just
pull some part to cock the gun, this is a double-action
(He ha ha) step. First you pull the bung towards you
and then push it forward, back to the original place.

This would thus push the firing pin into position, and
also place the ammo into position. Just like those
sniper type of rifles. Quite cool. Not so when you're in
the heat of battle and people would look at you funny
as if you have a jammed rifle.....
One nice thing is that when you cocked the rifle towards
you, you can slide the flap back to reveal the firing
parts as shown above.

Notice the orange tab near the trigger. This unlocks the
ammo clip. It will not drop to the floor but you'll have to
pull it out. The ammo clip tab release only works when
you have pulled the reload bung towards you.

If you have loaded your ammo correctly, the red rectangular
bar would show up, telling you the rifle is ready to fire.

In its basic form, the rifle looks the business.
Oh, you can extend the butt if you want to
make the rifle longer.

To lock the extra part into place, you just
insert it and turn, just like a bayonet.

Now the rifle is the longest NERF weapon. Mind you,
hold the rifle with two hands as its now very heavy
and you can actually sprain your wrist.

OK, so it does shoot up to 35 feet as claimed but I
cannot aim it on my shoes, even with the scope.
Maybe I am too tired since its past midnight

This type of ammo is different from other NERF guns.

The only gripe I had was that the drip area, near the thumb,
is very narrow and also, there is no trigger guard. Already,
playing with it has given me some modification ideas......


OK, I got bored. Bored from waiting to start work. Bored because at every turn, we're bumping into each other and recovering "lost" tools and ladders because the other contractors find it easier not to use or buy their own. And my helping my tech to lay cables actually slowed him down. So, I just walked away and took some shots.

See how water and Gravity
slowly erodes the metal?

See how decay sets in once its unprotected?

See how the damage is, once you neglect it?

See how this can be a nice wall paper?
This is (acid?) rain on aluminium

This is a good image for one of those inspirational posters.
But I cannot think of anything except,
"When you run out of ideas, smoking won't
help either."

The trip up North ..... Penang Part I

And so, after waking up at five in the morning, rushed to the office, loaded the van up and we're ready for the Penang trip. We had to be there by nine in the morning for reasons unknown, which later, we found out, we could be there by midnight and it wouldn't even make any difference. This was because all the contractors were late.

Late as in behind schedule for the renovations.

And today, if everything was according to schedule, we should be relocating the phone system in a office complete with furniture, air-cons, and devoid of any other living being (except for the customer, of course). Unfortunately, yes, you guessed right. It was everything in one day. The staff could not move their belongings as the network was not ready. The network was not ready because the cables cannot be laid (and someone cut some of them which means we have to lay them again). And the cables cannot be laid because the furniture was not ready. The furniture was not ready because.... well, you get the picture. But the time we started real work, it was after ten at night, just when the customer was about to collapse and call it a day.

Since we had to wake up so early, I decided to risk it
and pecked at my three week old Delicia bread. Yes,
they're still edible and for RM4.00, my meals are
about 27 sen a day. Ha ha ha. No ler, there were not
enough slices to last me more than a week. Its just
that I tend to keep them that long in case I do not
have enough (time or $$$) for lunch on that day.

Throughout the journey, we saw the Sun rise and also
some wonderful scenery. But this picture is not it since
it was my turn to drive, I could not take much pictures.

We're going to relocate their phone
systems to this room and also set
up their computer network system

Booked a room at The Kristal Suites which costs a bomb
two years ago. Its big. And there is Internet connection
too but I forgot to take the Network cable with me.....

Since there is only one bed and I do not want my tech to
get the wrong feelings, I opted for the sofa. Did I mention
that there are two TVs too? Not bad for RM150/night!

This is as much we could do by midnight because the
air-con guy was working in there. Had an amazing
dinner in Bkt Jambul. Amazing because we took
almost three quarters of rice in their rice cooker,
got some vege, meat and drink, yet it only costs us
RM8.00 in total. We were so shocked, that we kept
looking at each other. Oh, since I gave her a ten
ringgit note, I told her to keep the change. She
smiled and got too friendly after that, so we
quickly drove off. OK, I lied about the last part.
We just drove off, made a U-turn and into a
traffic jam caused a by an accident a few minutes
near where we ate, and the ambulances were
already there. weird

And as we trogged back to the Hotel, we realised
out rooms were very very far from the lifts......