System Re-Installation at TPM Pt. I

So, after braving the jam for an hour or so, we reached TPM and it was quite dark. I am not sure about the basement (car park) floors as they looked shiny and oily. Car nearly skidded there, even though the guard informed me that its not oil and the basement is especially wet all day. (Yeah, it was raining so, the water must have washed the other car's engine oil all over the place)

Curses! Someone has put in the rack already

As you can see, the rack cannot be moved (cables underneath)
and we're having to squeeze ourselves

After the drilling, the mounting frame goes in

Then the cabinets

Halfway, I felt a small sting in my fingers.
Dunno when I got it and when I washed the blood away, I could not find the wound

At 2000 the cable guy is still there

And tomorrow, they would start with the partitions and the cable guy better work fast

When we left at 2030, the customer is still busy marking the floorplan for us

System Dismantle @ Mah Sing Menara

This is the PABX we're going to dismantle and then bring it to TPM. We were only allowed to start our job after 530 in the evening once the staff has cleared thier desks.

Lots of cabling to take out and we had to separate them carefully as some of them that are connected to the system would be used back

After 90 minutes, the cabinet is bare

And this is all that is left. The Audodialers

The customer lent us their trolley to my car
(Which was full to the max we could not carry the monitor and the PC)

At the Loke Yew Lights

While rushing to dismantle a customer's PABX system, I was stuch at the Loke Yew Traffic Lights which lasted more than 5 minutes at one go due to the Policeman directing heavy (after office hours) traffic...

Using plastic bags for a mudflap

See the car next to it? The Proton Gen-2.
This guy chromed his lights and license plate borders.

Then about 12 Helicopters passed us by, most probably practising for the Merdeka Celebration

Airwolf this is not

Mouse Whiskers Herbs

While at approaching the lights, this caught my attention and my passenger cannot understad why I was laughing so hard (because I have a weird sense of humour la)

Its actually another medicinal herb but once you loosely translate it, its called
Mouse Whiskers Herbs.
(The same effect when you translate Air Mata Kucing into English)