Cosplay is just so weird

Cosplay, in a nutshell is where someone dresses up as one of the characters in an anime or SciFi show/movie, reenacts a particular scene or behaves as what the characters do. Unfortunately, although I like cosplay, I do not participate in them. When the word cosplay comes up, I have the imaged of people dressed up in blue punk-hairstyles, wear black and have weird eyeshadows, and standing against the wall. Already I look weird when I got on my Star Trek First Contact Uniform years ago........

And I had a dream about it this morning:

I was out of town, doing my job, which I think is something like a service guy going around buildings hunting for rogue robots while traveling up and down on open door elevators located on every floor. (Sounds like some video game, right?)

Anyway, I happened to be in the same building where some of my ex-colleagues were working, with one of them being quite "the man's man". And here I was, at the front counter, trying to pick up two cute receptionists while wearing the Robocop costume, showing her how I did the holster in the hip trick like the ones you saw in the Movie. (Its not an easy trick to do as your legs must be very very thin in order to hide all the mechanism)

Image taken from Toyhaven

What is not surprising at all was, cosplay in that town, was as normal as drinking water in the sea. And this evening, we're all going to a venue where a cosplay theme is happening. And with my friends there, I was like some main act, complaining about having to walk there in costume, under the hot Sun and carrying stuff which might scratch the armour, etc.

As much as I like the Robocop costume, I do not have the height for it as the cyborg is quite tall. If I ever do get the chance to own one, I would probably mount it on a mannequin and not wear it all due to my height issues. I do not want to be the crap shorty Robocop as seen in the other cheap movies such as Meltdown. (Yeah, it was that bad)