Lou Sang!

Yes, today is the 7th Day of the New Year and we get to have Yee Sang! This is another aspect of Chinese New Year which I like (hee hee hee) and its only unique in Malaysia (As far as I know la). Although we're one family short, the atmosphere is still there. However, this time, the Yee Sang is missing some pomeloes, fresh salmon (OK, I'm the only one who likes it) and other what nots. We've been doing this since there was a Yee Sang DIY pack on the market yonks ago.

For the benefit of the Blogspot's Hard disks, I am not going to elaborate much about this (since I am too lazy) speesial dish, so I Googled the Wiki for you.

Everyone was mixing and right next to it was another of
my favourite,
the porridge. Ah, what a night!

Nice or not?

And Kaelynn, after her trip to the loo,
wanted to finish her yogurt drink asap

Something fishy.....

I thought it was funny when I saw Mom frying the fish.
After taking this photo, I forgot the punchline. You can
show me how creative you are in the comments box, K?