Stuffing twenty cats in a Box

Mommy: What is this number?
Kristine: Twenty!
Mommy: Alright. Draw twenty things in that box.
Kristine: OK

Mommy: What are you doing? Just draw squares is enough
Kristine: But I want to draw cats, Mommy.
Mommy: This will take whole night, you know.
Kristine: I like cats, Mommy.

Mommy went out of the room.

Me: So, what are you doing?
Kristine: Draw cats
Me: How many cats you have drawn?
Kristine: One... two... three... four... five... six... seven!

Me: How many cats more you need to draw?
Kristine: ..... Seven!
Me: No, there ware twenty cats and you only drew seven. So, how many more cats do you need to draw?
Kristine: Um.......
Me: You need to draw another thirteen
Kristine: .............. (thinking hard and then realised the amount of work)

Kristine: Can I draw squares, Daddy?
Me: No, you started with cats, so you must finish them (heh heh)

Then Mommy came back in again,
Mommy: Whai! You still drawing cats, ah?

Spare AD-54 headset

After avoiding my Boss (and luckily he's in a good mood), I found this on my desk. Its the AD-54 headset interface. I got this from eBay since I did not have the time to scout for one in KL and also, its so close to the Chinese New Year and with the workload and all, I cannot afford to waste my time looking for a spare. And so, for RM55, I got it delivered right to my desk.

The reason why I wanted a spare is because in case of emergencies where it would get crushed by the closing car door, heavy fatty passengers, bulky objects and so on. And since I am driving, I do not want this to be a problem. Moreover, I like to listen to the Nokia 5800's MP3 player with my headphones nowadays. The quality of the player is so significant that after listening to songs played on my Notebook and in the van, I have to start them all over again with the Nokia 5800 and I noticed there were "extra" sounds or instruments I have not listened/noticed before. Either that or I havset the equaliser wrong.

And while we're at it, I think there is a problem with the radio. After I preset it to the station I wanted (there are 20 station memory), it would play for less than two minutes before stopping, which I found out to most probably bad signals inside the car (as it was all tinted) but it would be nice to have some kind of radio signal strength indicator. The sound equaliser allows you to creat new custom setting but won't let you edit them. Weird. Also, it would be nice if they have a real-time audio analyser screeen while the music is being played.

I am not sure how much it costs here, but for RM55 or so, I not only
have the unit, the seller threw in a free pair of headphones as well!

On the left is the one that came with my Nokia 5800. The one I got
from eBay is on the right and its all black. Quality-wise, there is not
much difference but slight "machine" noise when press play/pause/
rew and so on. This burts is about less than a quarter of a second. I
can bear with that. Secondly, the buttons are much harder to press
but I gess, with time, they would go softer. After all, this unit can be
used on other Nokia models, I think.

The cable from eBay is on the left, if you need to know.