Caught in the Act

While I was walking back to my car, I looked past one of those abandoned WWII shophouses (as I always do) and noticed someone in there. Yes, and he is about to light up a cigarette. For a normal smoker, he would just light up and that's that. But for this guy, he seems to be preparing his ciggie.

So, I had a plan. Either I use my Nikon D50, sneak up on him, take the shot with a flash and then run like Hell or, quietly use the 70-300 lens to take the shot from far. Unfortunately, I know that by the time I have changed the lens, he would be done. And so, sanity prevailed, and I quickly took the shot with my Nokia 5800 as a precaution. By the time I got the 70-300 on, he has noticed me and decided to stand up. So, I can only see his pair of jeans through the hole. Damn.

This is the original pic
from my Nokia 5800

Cropped and brightness adjusted

The Dilemma

OK, so W told me that he had to tell B since she needs to know about it as she's the one who is doing the paperwork. Like it or not, I had no choice but to agree since he's right. And the subject came up again, on how to handle all this. You see, W wanted A, A and A to know about it so that they will buck up and learn more. But knowing them, I told W that was a bad idea as they might be so scared that all of them might go too. So I requested W to reconsider my plan.

All the while, B is really puzzled. But I did not know she asked W about it until he told me while we're touring South on the 4x4.

And I told my Wife about this too. I know the answer and so does W.

What B asked was, how about a second me?

And the answer? Who.

For those who knows the System, they are either outlaws like me or robots in there. And they are not going to come out for the Moon. Even if they did, we can't turn copper to gold for long. And then for other outlaws, its too risky and dangerous. Ever heard of the Chef and the Restauranteur? How about Pinochio and his termite pets? They have always been our rivals and always hungry. For example, A joined J and used V to get into T, which gave us a hard time. Now, according to J, A went behind and also, turned sour. So, that is why I told W I only want to be normal. I have seen it happened so many times and W even walked this path. Getting them to come in and then Knight them is a very bad idea. Everyone wants to be the One and not the Other. This can quickly crumble the foundation. And then, Sweet can become sour when gold turns to rust.

And so, who? I am the only one who can be trusted and can carry the System.

In the end, I have to say, Carry the System you Must, my Padawan. Or Die, you will be.