Reorganising the Organisation

Its very interesting to observe how children play sometimes. As they are still 'pure' in their thoughts, it is a great delight to see how they think and react. For instance, Kaelynn decided to rearrange all the toys as she see fit today...

So, what message was she trying to convey?


If I am not mistaken, the SmarTag is now in its Second Generation since its introduction in 1999. The first version is quite squarish (once I find it back, I will show you) but what is so great is that unlike the second generation, you do not need to press the button to see how much value the card has left. Apart from the yellowing plastic of the old SmarTAG, the new one is just well, so-so. Maybe I am biased in favour of the older SmarTAG which was so reliable, it actually survived all year round bombardment y the Sun and the plastic is still A-OK.

But I am not going to test this one like what I did since SmarTAGs are 'Hot items' among car thieves who love to smash windows...

Dad gave me this SmarTAG to use sometime ago but I
have not gotten the chance to use it first because I still
have my first Generation SmarTag. 10 years ago. And
I cannot find it anymore...

Swimming in another place

One of my very rare opportunity to fetch Kristine
back from her swimming lesson. Yes, the pool is not
heated and so, in the evening, it is very cold. But to
see her actually swimming, it was worth it since its
a one-to-one class instead of the usual ones.