Here comes the long weekend! II

Since its a Saturday, and my team can handle the cabling and stuff, I left at one and also because my Boss told me I do not need to go. So, after a nice nap, Wife woke me up so that all of us can go to the Sunway Piramid for some shopping. As we were almost at the first traffic light, my Boss called me up and in a lowered voice:

Boss: Chow, you better come in, "Li tou kau mm dim, ah" [We're going ape-shit here]
Me: Uh, huh.
Boss: You going out meh?
Me: Un, no. Well, er....... (Stupid reply, dumbass)
Boss: Look, once you finish your "things", can you please come over?
Me: Never mind. I'm coming now if I finish my "things" it will be too late.
Boss: ..... OK.

We finished work about 2330 that night while the furniture
people finished at about 0100 in the morning